First National’s New 100% Mortgage

First National has announced a new 100% mortgage geared to good credit customers with no money for a down payment.  Here’s the details:

  • Amortization:  Up to 35 years (40 years as of Dec. 15, 2006)
  • Rate Guarantee:  120 days
  • Mortgage Insurance Surcharge:  3.1 to 4.1% depending on insurer and amortization
  • Minimum Credit Score:  680 to 710 depending on insurer

Keep in mind, you still need to come up with about 1.5% in closing costs. Call Melanie McLister at MyVirtualMortgageAgent for rates or more details:  (800) 280-2460

  1. this is dilema;
    This is my dilema.
    I am interested in the 100% mortgage.
    My beacon is 585
    My spouse’s beacon is 643
    Spouse was bankrupt about 6years and 10 months ago, but have been clean since then.
    Reason for bankruptcy: previous husband left a lot of debts and passed on about 7.5 years ago and with one small child and the debts he left behind spouse could not pay the bills. She was not even aware of the situation until he passed.
    Bankruptcy is wiped clean after 7 years, correct???? If then we are almost there.
    We both have steady jobs, I am a welder making 42k and she is a library assistant making 45k, total 87k.
    The mortgage we need is only 211k. How can you help us. Please reply via email and we can take it from there?

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