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Mortgage Bytes

  • Mortgage-Paperwork Lenders and lawyers will soon rely less on paperwork. Emergis’s electronic Assyst link can now get mortgage instructions from lenders to lawyers with a fraction of the time and effort.  The innovation could potentially lower real estate attorney fees, which haven’t changed in 20 years according to the Canadian Bar Association.
  • Home sellers are hitting the market out west.  Calgary saw 20% more real estate listings this June than last, as its average home price nears $500,000.  Vancouver’s inventory is up 17%.
  • Fear not, however, says Toronto Real Estate Blog, which quotes CREA as predicting 2007 Canadian home sales will break records.
  •‘s property search feature now has higher price limits, more pictures, and better sorting options.
  • Bathroom and kitchen renovations add the most value to your home (75-100% return on investment).  Swimming pools (10-40%) and skylights (0-25%) add the least.  Source:  The Record