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Easier Terms for High Credit Borrowers

Merix If you’ve got a high Beacon score the mortgage process just got easier.  Merix Financial now offers a new mortgage that is low on documentation and high on loan-to-value.

Here’s the deal.  If you’ve got a credit score over 680 Merix can offer up to 95% financing with no proof of down payment required.  Typically, lenders make you prove where your down payment came from with bank statements, etc.  Not with this mortgage.

Even the income verification is easy.  Simply show any of the following:  a)  Your three most recent pay stubs (must match employer on bureau); b) A salary Letter; or, c) A Notice of Assessment.

If you have no money to put down Merix will also do 100% financing.

This product is exclusive to Merix and insured by Genworth.  It is only available through a mortgage planner.  Other terms may apply so contact us or any other good mortgage planner for more info.