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Mortgage Bytes

  • bond-dealers Here’s another article on how the Bank of Canada is torn between raising rates and not raising rates.  It’s amazing how fast things can change.  In July, 13 of 13 major Canadian bond dealers predicted interest rates would increase at the BofC’s meeting September 5.  Now 11 of 13 think rates will remain unchanged! (Reuters)
  • Traffic on Canadian real estate sites jumped 13% in the past year.  31% of Canadians visited a real estate site during that time.  (Toronto Real Estate Intelligence)
  • 37:  The average age of an online mortgage shopper.  (CEG Research)
  • Average house prices in various Canadian cities.  (CBC)
  • The U.S. feds are talking mortgage bailout and homeowners are starting to sue.  Should Americans be “saved” by their government for signing inappropriate mortgage contracts?  Should they sue?  And should they win?  What say you?
  • It was a record quarter for Toronto condos.
  • Bravo to Million Dollar Journey on its Telegram coverage!
  • There’s a business for everything it seems–even mortgage blog writing.  As for CMT, if you want our content, take it–free.  Just link here so we can eat too.  :)