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CAAMP Expo 2007

CAAMP-Annual-Conference The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals Conference & Expo is now over. 

The event is the Canadian mortgage industry’s biggest annual convention and a place where mortgage brokers come to learn about lenders and network. 

The show was fun and informative as usual.  Here’s what we liked about the Expo itself:

  • It’s “one-stop shopping” for mortgage product information (a big time saver)
  • It’s a convenient way to cultivate relationships in person with all the lenders (good relationships get hard deals done)
  • Sunday Expo hours (some brokers find it hard to take off weekdays)
  • High-quality give-aways and written materials (including Filogix’s/CAAMP’s tote bag and PMI Canada’s leather portfolio)

In the spirit of constructive feedback, we would have liked to see:

  • An Exhibits-only ticket (Charging people $683-$948 just to walk around the convention hall is excessive. Not everyone wants to attend the sessions and events.)
  • More new product announcements (few exhibitors had anything groundbreaking to announce at the show)
  • More mortgage-specific seminars (practical seminars on mortgage origination and marketing techniques would have been nice)
  • Longer Expo hours on Sunday (Some people can only attend on Sunday and four hours isn’t always enough)

Overall, however, we commend CAAMP on another entertaining and well-run show.  We look forward to next year’s Expo in Vancouver.