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Export-driven Rate Reductions

export-problems They say Canada isn’t as dependent on the U.S. as it once was.  Nonetheless, exports of our automotive products have fallen 23% over the last three months, the largest decline since the end of the U.S. recession in 1982.  Exports of non-automotive consumer goods have fallen 13.8% in the same timeframe, “the largest decline for the nearly 30 years we have data,” says TD senior economist Richard Kelly.

All of this explains partly why the Bank of Canada cut rates 1/2% on March 4.  Now economists are expecting another 1/4% to 1/2% drop in prime rate on April 22.

It’s sad that our economy is at risk to this degree, but there is a bright side from a mortgage perspective.  It’s truly a great time in history to be in a variable-rate mortgage.  (Just make sure you’re not adverse to locking in if need be.)