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Stats on Women Buyers – TD Poll

Women-Homebuyers-Stats TD recently polled 713 women homebuyers and here's what they found…

Women who buy homes on their own (without a spouse or common law partner) purchase their first home at an average age of 29.  80% of these women have no children and 49% have a university degree.

Women's top two reasons for buying a home were:

  • A good investment (71%)
  • A preference not to pay rent (61%)

Women's top two reasons for selling were:

  • Trading up (50%)
  • More space (40%)

The most popular housing type for women was condos.  Nationwide, 42% of women purchased condos compared to 34% who bought houses.  In Vancouver, 73% of women bought them.  In Toronto, it was 52%.  In Atlantic Canada, the number was only 5%.

Source:  TD Canada Trust Poll