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Credit Facts From TransUnion

credit-mortgage Credit is a mainstay of mortgage lending.  If you want to learn more about credit, TransUnion has a good website with Q&A’s.  Here’s a sampling of its many facts and tips…

  • If you co-sign a loan and the primary borrower doesn’t pay on time, it will show up negatively on your report as well.  (Keep that in mind if you get divorced!)
  • Closing older accounts generally makes your credit history shorter and often hurts your credit score.
  • Missing a payment is no joke.  Even if you pay off an account that’s over 30-days past due, it will stay on your credit report for six years from the date you missed the payment.
  • Debts reported as included in a debt repayment (or credit counseling) program will be removed from your file two years after the date the program was satisfied.
  • Consumer proposals and all accounts reported as satisfied through the proposal will be removed from your report three years after the date you satisfied the proposal.
  • Bankruptcies remain on your credit file for 6-7 years after discharge, depending on which province you live in.
  • Collections remain on your file for 6 years after the date of default.
  • Judgements remain for 6-7 years, except in PEI where it’s 10 years.