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Canadian Dollar Plunge

Canadian-US-mortgages As most probably know, the Canadian dollar has been taken to the shed and shot.  It’s lost almost 20% of its value since August 1. (Chart)

If you’re a Canadian who bought a house in the U.S. prior to this month, you’re likely well aware of the implications.  Your $1000 USD mortgage payment is now $1250 CDN.  And the property you paid $200,000 CDN for in July is now worth $250,000 CDN.

Nathan Barcic, of Forex dealer HiFX, says demand for ultra “safe” assets is behind the U.S. dollar’s move versus the loonie.

The devastation in commodity prices isn’t helping our dollar either.

“With stock markets around the world falling and people scared to invest in most other types of assets, there is a tremendous appetite right now for US treasuries, as they are seen as “safe” and relatively “liquid” investments,” says Barcic.  “This huge appetite for US treasuries has pushed the price for US dollars through the roof, hence the dramatic move in exchange rates.”