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AMP Candidate Designation Now Available

CAAMP As reported in December, CAAMP, the industry association for mortgage brokers, has a new designation for mortgage agents called “AMP Candidate.”

The normal AMP designation is designed to signify an agent has met certain experience and ethics training standards.  This new class of AMP is for agents who do not yet meet CAAMP’s 2-year experience requirement.

According to CAAMP, agents can qualify for the AMP Candidate designation as follows:

  1. Be a CAAMP member in good standing
  2. Complete CAAMP’s pre-accreditation course, Ethics and Responsibilities for Mortgage Professionals (online or in-class)
  3. Provide proof of mortgage industry experience
  4. Provide proof of successful completion of a CAAMP approved Mortgage Industry Proficiency Course
  5. Submit a one-time registration fee of $125

AMP Candidates are then granted the full AMP designation once they have met the two years of industry experience.

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