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“Millionaire Mortgage” Company Under Review

The Millionaire Mortgage had some flashy marketing behind it when it launched last year.  Now some are wondering if flash was all that was behind it.

The company promoting the product, DPR Financial, is apparently being “reviewed” by the authorities as dozens of consumers have reportedly filed complaints.  Recent reports, like this CTV story, have various individuals suggesting there has been some kind of wrongdoing.

An article in TheRecord quotes company founder, Daniel Reeve, as saying: “we have done nothing wrong."

The company’s website ( is now offline and its Waterloo, ON headquarters and Windsor, ON offices are shuttered for alleged non-payment of rent.

It’s a story that is still unfolding and we’ll post updates as we get them.

More from CTV, TheRecord


Sidebar:  A story in TheRecord lists Reeve’s assistant as a contact (at 519-883-8414) if people have “problems or questions” about the company.