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A Nice Little Feature

The Manulife One has a nifty little illustration in its mortgage statements.  It’s a simple graph that shows you how fast you’re paying off your mortgage.


In Manulife’s case, the graph shows both increases and reductions in one’s mortgage balance.  That’s because the Manulife One let’s you re-borrow funds, up to your available credit limit.

This little graph may not be cutting edge but it is nonetheless handy. If you make a pre-payment, for example, you’ll promptly see a reduction in your debt balance. This provides immediate gratification every time you make an extra payment.

A balance graph is something any lender could include on its statements or web portal.  At the very least, it would be nice to see every readvanceable mortgage lender including one.  (Readvanceables allow you to continuously re-borrow, so a focus on paying off the mortgage is especially important.)