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Comments: Terms of Use

We welcome and appreciate all readers' comments.  Kindly note that the following terms apply.

  1. Comments must not be defamatory, libellous, or racial
  2. Comments must not be rude or obscene
  3. Highly critical comments and accusations must be backed up with facts. No pot shots!
  4. Please feel free to post any verifiable lender quotes. Verifiable means you include a bona fide website link to the rates or send us an advertisement of the rate by email. 
  5. We ask that quotes from brokers or other sources are not posted. This will prevent the site becoming inundated with spam.
  6. CMT reserves all rights to comments placed on this site.  All comments become copyrighted property of CMT. However, commentators are responsible for all repercussions arising from their comments.
  7. CMT reserves the right to delete or edit comments and ban visitors who violate these rules.

Thanks for your understanding.