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Regional Mortgage Deals

Credit unions have discovered the power of the Internet. Here are two regional lenders offering selected rates on the net that are well below the market.

In Ontario…

Meridian-Credit-Union Meridian Credit Union has an ultra-hot, 1-year mortgage promotion going.

It’s offering the “Better Than Market” 1-year mortgage at just 2.25%—about 1/2% below the nearest competitor.

The deal is available only by going direct through Meridian branches.

Meridian calls itself the largest credit union in Ontario, serving more than 214,000 members with total assets under administration of $4.6 billion. Meridian is based in St. Catherines, ON and Toronto.

In Winnipeg…

Cambrian-Credit-Union Cambrian Credit Union is offering a variable-rate mortgage at 2.49% (prime + 0.24%).  That’s 0.36% or more below most other variables.

The deal is available only by going direct through Cambrian branches.

Cambrian Credit Union is Winnipeg’s largest credit union.