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Civility Lost

When someone criticizes real estate pundit, Garth Turner, their blog often gets inundated with not-so-friendly comments from Garth’s followers. Case in point are these comments left on Greg Williamson’s blog recently.

It seems Greg put out a web video about future mortgage payment shocks that questioned Garth Turner’s grim real estate views. Turner’s followers barraged Williamson with some of the rudest blog comments we’ve ever seen.

This is not meant to be a commentary on Turner or Williamson’s viewpoints.  Each have their own valid beliefs.  The point is this.  There’s no place for hate-filled commentary in a rational debate.  If adults can’t get across their points with civility, they don’t deserve the airtime.

Props to Greg for standing up and publicly defending himself.  He did not delete one post (that we could see), despite commentators hurling expletives and making numerous tasteless references. Greg is far more tolerant than we would have been.