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National-Bank National Bank already has one of the top readvanceable mortgages in Canada.  Now it’s better.

NBC has cut its line of credit (LOC) rate down to prime + 0.85% (3.10% as of today).  This is the lowest fully-open LOC rate that we’re aware of.

If you add a 4, 5, 6, 7, or 10-year fixed portion, or a variable-rate portion, you can get the AIO LOC rate even lower–to prime + 0.75%.  (The AIO can be split into multiple portions.)

National is the 2nd bank that’s reduced its HELOC rate below prime + 1%.  That’s good to see.  Hopefully it inspires other lenders to price their LOCs more competitively.


Sidebar: Here are additional details on the All-in-One.  For more information, contact a mortgage planner near you.