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2-Year Yields on the Move

2-Year-Bond 2-year bond yields have been ramping up. They hit a new 7-month high on Thursday. 

On Wednesday they rose 13 basis points, the biggest 1-day jump since last October.

It wouldn’t be a shock to see 2-year fixed mortgage rates taking the up escalator as well.

That’s too bad because 2-year mortgages have been a nice alternative to variables and 1-year terms. They’re slightly more expensive but offer more protection from rising rates.  Moreover, 2-year mortgages don’t lock you into inflated variable-rate premiums for 4-5 years.

(Chart data courtesy of the Bank of Canada)


Sidebar:  Action Economics says “anxiety is building that the BoC may be forced to tighten earlier than expected, with March BAX futures nearly fully discounting two 0.25% rate hikes.”