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Credit Score Disclosure

Credit-Scores-MortgagePulling a credit score is one of the first things a mortgage planner does before submitting your application to a lender.

Once the score is obtained, clients often want to know what their score is.  What many don’t realize is that mortgage planners generally can’t tell them.

Equifax, the main credit bureau in Canada, has very strict rules that restrict brokers from disclosing credit scores to borrowers.  Brokers who violate this policy are subject to termination of their license from Equifax—not a good prospect.

Equifax instead suggests that brokers refer borrowers to if they wish to determine their score.  Equifax, of course, charges for providing credit scores.

Despite these rules, mortgage planners are always free to say whether your score qualifies you for the mortgage you request.  If the particular mortgage you desire requires a 680 Beacon score, for example, a mortgage planner is allowed to tell you whether your score is higher or lower than that number.