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Filogix Expert Tip

This is a quick suggestion specifically for mortgage planners using Filogix Expert.

Many are already aware of this, but for those who aren’t, it’s a tip that can save some hassle. 

Here’s the issue:

When you log into two sessions of Expert simultaneously, the potential exists for undesirable side effects.  For example, if you open two deals in separate browsers (or in separate tabs of the same browser), Expert sometimes inadvertently transfers client data from one file to another.  When it does that, it overwrites the old (correct) data and you often can’t get that data back.

From what we’re told, Filogix is aware of this glitch and is evaluating solutions.  They’re usually good at addressing usability issues.  

For now, you can avoid the problem altogether by not:

  • Logging into your Expert account from two different browsers simultaneously
  • Having two or more deals open in different tabs in the same browser simultaneously.


Filogix Expert is the most-used broker origination software in Canada.