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Quoting Rates And Lenders

Mortgage-Lenders We see a steady stream of emails from rate shoppers who quote us a rate but have no idea who the lender is.

Oftentimes, it’s because a broker quoted them the rate but didn’t mention the lender. 

In some cases, clients ask who the lender is, but the broker dances around the question. 

If that happens to you, run–do not walk–to another mortgage planner.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars may hinge on a broker’s advice.  Brokers who aren’t up-front about every key detail shouldn’t get the business. 

Now, to be fair, a mortgage professional may be hesitant to name specific lenders if he's unsure that you’ll qualify.  More often than not, however, reluctance to divulge lender names (when asked), is a defensive mechanism–used by brokers who are scared of losing you to that lender, or to another broker. 

That said, you’ll find that most professional mortgage planners are very focused on relationships, confident in their abilities, and concerned about your interests.  Quoting lender names with rates is, therefore, not an issue in the vast majority of cases.