Mailbag: Long-term Closes

Mortgage-Mailbag Question:  I heard that the longest rate hold I can get is 120 days. What should I do if my house isn’t closing for 153 days? – Shirley McCullough

Answer:  A couple of lenders now offer 180-day rate holds.  National Bank is one of them, through its broker channel.  Its rate is pretty reasonable for long-term rate assurance. (For a 5-year fixed, it’s in the 4.09% range depending on the mortgage planner you use).

The nice part is this:  If National Bank is offering a lower “90-day rate,” three months from your closing date, you can switch to that better rate. On the other hand, if rates go up, you’re protected.

National’s 6-month rate holds are a handy solution for folks closing in over 120 days.  Talk to your mortgage planner for more details.

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