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Invis CEO Gord Dahlen Departs

Gord-Dahlen-Invis Gord Dahlen, CEO of Invis (one of Canada’s biggest mortgage brokerages), is leaving the company.

Invis issued an internal statement yesterday saying: “Gord Dahlen and Invis Inc. have mutually agreed that Gord will step down as President and CEO and leave Invis.”

The departure comes one year after Gord became CEO (CMT story).  No word on why.

Dahlen has been with Invis since 2000 and brought on several big brokers during his tenure.  We spoke with a couple of industry executives about this news. Their feeling was that Gord’s departure could potentially affect Invis’s volumes in the near term, given that some Invis brokers were loyal to Gord. But that’s speculation at this point.

Invis has not publicly named a CEO replacement thus far.