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Street Capital Adds Online Mortgage Access


Doesn’t it drive you nuts to wait on hold for information you can find online in 20 seconds?

That kind of thing is a major annoyance with some smaller lenders that offer either minimal online access, or none at all.

For that reason, it was good to see Street Capital launch its new web portal. Street’s new website lets you:

  • Check your balance, payment, remaining amortization, and property tax account
  • Calculate the effect of pre-payments
  • Access annual statements
  • Change your payment date
  • Lock in your variable rate
  • Change payment frequency
  • Increase your payments
  • Schedule lump-sum pre-payments in advance, etc.


"Mortgage brokers from across Canada have been asking that we build a client portal for our customers," says Street Capital President, Paul Grewal.

Build it they did. Street went out of its way not to forget any functionality. In fact, many of the features (like locking in a variable rate or scheduling multiple lump-sum prepayments) aren’t available on some competing lender portals.

Without a doubt, Street’s new site is easily one of the most feature-rich mortgage-specific client sites in the industry.

For all you lenders without an online customer portal, you may want to put your web developers on overtime.

Rob McLister, CMT