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Mortgage Alliance Invests in Radio

Mortgage-AllianceMortgage Alliance Company (MAC), a national mortgage firm, has purchased 7,189 radio ads for the spring real estate market.

The campaign ramps up Monday and runs until May. The target is primarily 24 to 54-year-olds.

Here are the three ads that Mortgage Alliance has produced:  Ad#1, Ad#2, Ad#3. They’ll play in 22 markets and on 50 radio stations across the country. MAC CEO, Michael Beckette, is the spokesperson in each of them.

Louie Bettio, MAC’s Brand Champion says, “We’ve used radio over 8 years because it can quickly generate the ‘reach’ and the all-important ’frequency’ of our messages that drive consumer traffic to the Mortgage Alliance web site.

Some argue that branding doesn't matter as much as it once did in the mortgage business. They say mortgages have become commoditized and that people today have less brand loyalty. Others claim that commoditization is exactly the reason brokerage firms need to invest more in marketing. 

Either way, campaigns like this, and that of competitor Dominion Lending Centres, are bound to put more pressure on smaller brokerages who don’t have similar marketing efforts and budgets.

Rob McLister, CMT