Mortgage Career: Mortgage Brokers Ottawa – Website & Database Developer

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Company: Mortgage Brokers Ottawa
Position Title: Website and database developer
Years of Experience: 3-5 years
Required Licenses:  N/A
Location of Position: Ottawa, ON
How should applicants contact you?:

Website and Database Developer

Summary – Mortgage Brokers Ottawa is looking for someone to join their team as a Website and Database Developer. This developer would play an important role in the success of web projects by:

  • coordinating the website
  • managing database maintenance
  • programming web components and/or modules
  • being the technical lead regarding development and upgrades
  • providing technical solutions

Responsibilities as Website and Database Developer

  • Collaborating the redesign and development of mini-sites or modules that connect to the database from concept through to launch.
  • Identifying technical web or database issues and proposing solutions or writing reports which define the issues in order to facilitate problem solving.
  • Offering creative suggestions and being responsible for bringing them to life from a development standpoint.
  • Monitoring:
    • requests and suggestions for modifications
    • report of errors to content
    • issues relating to accessing web pages or accessing data in the MSSQL database
  • Reporting regularly on web activity and workload.
  • Keeping the Unit Manager informed on the progress of projects.

Website and Database Production

  • Producing web pages using primarily in php integrating communication interfaces or modules to a MSSQL database for the purpose of extracting or inputting much needed data.
  • Providing occasional coaching and assistance to staff in the office; in reference to the operation and functionality of user interfaces to the database.

Other Duties

  • Managing software licensing.
  • Technical resource for the office.

Knowledge and Skills

  • 3-5 years database experience using MSSQL (creating tables, dropping, and extracting data).
  • 3-5 years experience developing and using PHP.
  • Strong knowledge and experience in SQL.
  • General understanding of database technology and database structure as it pertains to the delivery of data through a web interface.
  • 2-3 years experience using CSS.
  • A strong knowledge and background in Web 2.0.
  • Practical knowledge of html programming and web production software, including Dreamweaver and Fireworks.
  • Ability to coordinate small-sized web projects from concept through to launch.
  • Strong organizational skills relating to scheduling and tracking of projects.
  • Ability to identify, analyze and test technical issues/bugs in the web.
  • General knowledge of the international Web Standard and W3C standards for web usability and accessibility; and the ability to interpret and apply a variety of technical standards appropriately within the context of web design/redesign.
  • Knowledge of the Common Look and Feel (CLF) and metadata requirements.
  • Aptitude for attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Good initiative and problem-solving skills.
  • Must be able to establish priorities without constant supervision.
  • Must be able to contribute to and collaborate with managers, project leads and co-workers in the development of various modules.
  • General knowledge of Mortgage Brokers Ottawa’s, mandate and strategic objectives.

Such knowledge and skills are normally acquired through a combination of education at the post-secondary level equivalent to a 3 year college diploma (university, business college, technical school or administration programs); and through practical work experience in web projects, programming, data processing, office automation and internet communications.

Problem Solving

Selected candidate would be regularly faced with problems of a technical and complex nature relating to database and computer technology. Candidate must resolve or recommend solutions within very short timelines, propose new strategies and/or procedures to solve a variety of technical problems.

Working Environment and Travel

The work is performed in an open office environment.  Less than 10 days travel per year. May be required to work extended hours and/or weekends or holidays to ensure delivery of time-sensitive materials or to attend major corporate events.

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