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Company: Equitable Trust
Position Title: Regional Business Manager
Years of Experience:  N/A
Required Licenses:  AMP designation (or actively pursuing)
Location of Position: British Columbia
Applicants may contact:

Regional Business Manager

Purpose of Job:

The Regional Business Manager (RBM) is responsible for maintaining existing broker relationships within a specified territory and increase revenues based on yearly targets set by the department and the Company in general.  In this role, the RBM must be highly knowledgeable about Equitable Trust’s mortgage products to generate prospective deals while having a keen understanding of the underwriting process to ensure proper requirements are met for application submissions.

Main Activities:

There are seven areas of accountabilities listed below which when performed well will cumulatively lead to ultimate success in this position.


1.     Sales Management – 30%

The RBM must be a highly organized individual who is self directed to manage and report on the status of sales from visitations to follow-through and the potential of closing deals on a monthly basis to reach set targets for his or her region.  In order to do this, the RBM must take several constructive steps prior to, during and following a sales initiate which include:

  • Produce a Top 20 List of Brokers as part of the on-going ETC Sales strategy that will be updated on a quarterly basis pending the volume of business for those identified brokers.
  • Meet monthly with the Manager, Residential Mortgages (BC) to review the performance of the Top 20 to maximize production from key brokers.
  • Discuss and provide feedback on a quarterly basis with the Vice President, Residential Sales on the performance of the Top 20 to maximize production from key brokers.
  • Manage follow-up communications on all pending deals. Although this function is primarily performed by the underwriting team, the RBM will perform this task during high volume times to assist and leverage the relationship with the brokers. This communication includes communicating with brokers on cancelled files, notes to file and outstanding reminders on closing requirements. These activities are coordinated during hours spent in the office.
  • Completing monthly expense reports accurately and submitting by the deadline.
  • The RBM is responsible for participating in department meetings, as required, with senior management to discuss market trends and either the enhancement or improvement of products or services.


2. Sales Activities and Achievements – 20%

The RBM is expected to be out of the office at least four days a week to do pro-active sales calls to generate new business and to visit existing brokers with information about recent enhancement of products, changes to services, the delivery of prize items, the distribution of promotional or new print materials to gain valuable face to face time.  To achieve visibility and to build a wider broker network, the RBM must:

  •  Book a minimum of 4 to 5 broker or brokerage houses daily while suggesting appropriate actions to further the relationship.  This may include listing any deals that have been obtained through the broker appointments.
  • Actively collect business cards from mortgage brokers and agents from the week’s brokerage visits and enter the data into the appropriate region in Outlook.
  • Managing the on-going completion of the cancellation spreadsheet for the respective region as well as the maintenance of that region’s cancelled files.
  • Providing mid-level analysis of the representative’s region, as to increase the efficiency of the business development function.
  • Interacting with pertinent staff members to obtain further knowledge regarding the quality of business being submitted from specific brokerage houses.
  • Attending major industry events to bring heightened visibility to the company including attendance at golfing tournaments, broker events as well as annual trade shows such as MBABC and CAAMP where applicable.
  • Actively pursue credits towards their AMP designation.


3. Product Development – 15%

The RBM will be assigned one company to research within Equitable Trust’s competitive set and present the information in a timely manner.  The product development aspect includes:

  • Conversing with brokers about our competitor’s products in terms of satisfaction, the differences between products presented by competing companies and what’s new in the market place.
  • Analyzing comments against Equitable Trust’s products on pricing, flexibility, Beacon scores and credit requirements.
  • Collecting of materials from brokers on weekly visits to add to Equitable Trust’s BC competitive file in addition to gathering materials at trade shows and symposiums.


4. External Relationship Management – 10%

As a representative of the Company, the RBM will reflect the Company’s image of integrity, quality and wealth knowledge in the industry. As the major interface between the broker and the Company, the RBM will work with the underwriter to ensure the smooth handling of any deals in the pipeline. The RBM may be expected to be:

  • Participating in brokerage house events / sales presentations, lender appreciation programs, holiday and special occasion programs.
  • Speaking at Company sponsored events with appropriate messaging provided by the marketing & communications department.
  • Expanding the relationships by attending lunch meet & greets and introducing other Equitable Trust team members to the broker.


5. Presentation Skills – 10 %

The RBM will be observed by his or her one-up manager of their presentation skills.  An integral element of sales is strong presentation skills which require clear messaging, knowledge of the product and the credit history requirements as well as the application procedure.  The RBM must be prepared with:

  • Acquiring the proper collateral materials and the most up to date promotions for distribution.
  • Intimate knowledge of promotions and qualifications.  Ensuring that the sales presentation is always up to date covering products, addressing Equitable policies on Anti Money laundering and Terrorist Financing and pertinent compliance requirements.
  • Clarity of regional coverage (urban and rural areas).
  • Offering and highlighting benefits of each product on its own merits and comparative merits.
  • Introducing regional team members to the brokerage community at some broker and industry events.
  • Following up on questions that could not be answered in a timely fashion.


6. Administration and Organization – 10%

The RBM’s actions in the areas of Sales Management and Sales Activities and Achievements will be measured on the administration and organization of each by the one-up manager.


7. Interoffice Interaction and Relationship Management – 5%

In this position, the RBM interfaces with a number of internal clients and team members within the Single Family Residential group. The interaction may take place as such:

  • Assisting underwriting during an influx of deals.
  • Including members of the regional team at presentations beyond an appearance.
  • Covering for other RBMs during unscheduled and scheduled time off.


Knowledge/Skill Requirements

  • Possesses or is actively pursuing an AMP designation.
  • Strong written and verbal skills.
  • Proficient on Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Access and Power Point.
  • Previous sales and or underwriting experience in the industry.
  • Self directed and highly organized individual who can multi-task.
  • Must possess a driver’s license and a clean driving record.
  • Completion of a college or equivalent post secondary degree.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills.


Job Complexities / Thinking Challenges:

The job requires mid-level analytical skills to assess the value and potential relationship growth of a broker against meeting target goals with Single Family’s Sales Management Program.  In addition, the RBM will be required to participate in on-going marketplace assessments required in their role.  In their capacity, the RBM should be able to internalize all processes required in the underwriting procedures to assist a broker with deal submissions. In some cases, problem solving or recommending the right product for the customer will be required based on their credit history.

The major challenge of the job is organization of files, keeping current while being on the road.



This role is very much a self manage role as it requires a great deal of travel. The RBM is accountable to the Manager, Residential Mortgages (BC) on a day to day basis and Vice President, Residential Sales in meeting the following needs:

  • Management of Top 20 list for specified region.
  • Staying on top of deals with underwriters to close deals.
  • Communicating directly with brokers on status of deals.
  • Reaching set targets for the department and overall company goals.
  • Managing the regional team to achieve targets and motivating the team to do so.


Key Internal and External Contacts

  • Brokers on a daily basis
  • Manager, Residential Mortgages (BC) on a weekly basis or as needed
  • Underwriting team while in the office on a weekly basis
  • Marketing on broker progress, general information & promotional programs
  • Industry Association Representatives on an event base schedule
  • Funders and Administrators to follow up on questions as needed


Physical Demands / Working Conditions

This position requires at minimum, four (4) days of the week out of the office. The role may include extensive travel with a region that has large boundaries requiring out of town overnight stays.


Equitable Trust Work Environment

If you’re looking for a workplace where employees are passionate about their work environment, then read on.  What sets Equitable Trust apart from other companies is its culture.  We celebrate and embrace the fabric of diversity, the employee engagement process and collectively take pride in our business successes.

Our commitment to our customers, our partners and our employees creates a stimulating and exciting atmosphere that generates innovative products and outstanding service quality.


Job Satisfaction

At Equitable, we recognize and respect our employees’ commitments to learning.  In today’s competitive world we understand their personal quest to better their knowledge. Not only do we firmly support this need for personal growth, we see it as a priority.  Our education program to support professional development related to the mortgage industry is a win-win situation for us.  Employees gain a stronger depth of knowledge that ultimately leads to professional designations while our customers benefit from additional expertise and experience.

We offer extended healthcare benefits, a Group Retirement Savings Plan Program as well as other benefits such as Work-Life Assistance Programs for our employees.

Most importantly, Equitable is dedicated to encouraging teamwork in the broadest terms. Teams that play together, work together and that’s why each year we take the time to hold company-wide events that challenge our employees in a spirited fashion.


Employee Communications

Our culture at Equitable Trust makes every effort for employees to be connected to company developments and “in-the-know” at all times. From suggestion programs to town halls, strategy roll-outs, orientations and product launches as well as customer/employee surveys, the feedback allows us to develop initiatives to address issues and opportunities for improvement. These programs help foster a solid reputation in the financial services industry.

“Please apply in word format only to, quoting the job title in the subject line.  While we appreciate your interest in applying, an ETC recruiter will only contact leading candidates whose skills and qualifications closely matches the requirements of the position. “

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