Gord Dahlen Joins DLC

Gord-Dahlen-InvisProminent industry executive, Gord Dahlen, has joined Dominion Lending Centres (DLC) as Executive Vice President, effective immediately.

Dahlen is widely known throughout the industry, having cultivated strong relationships with lenders, brokers and insurers from his 21 years in the business.

He was previously President and CEO of Invis and Mortgage Intelligence, departing last fall. Before that, Dahlen was with the lender MCAP for several years.

“Gord Dahlen is a pioneer in our industry. He’s a passionate leader who has demonstrated exceptional values and integrity, and is a selfless ambassador to the Canadian mortgage brokering industry,” said DLC President Gary Mauris.

In a statement today, Dahlen said: “This is a great industry and I was fortunate to have some real choices regarding my next move. My decision to join forces with Dominion Lending Centres was a natural selection given that it’s clearly the leader in this industry.”

DLC launched in 2006 and is now one of the largest brokerage firms, if not the largest, in Canada. Currently it has more than 2,000 mortgage professionals across the country.

Rob McLister, CMT

  1. Gords a nice guy – but I wish he would pick on some other but gary deserves him. They stink that was made whwhen that phone tape was let out – so I guess its was all for showindustry for a while

  2. “The Way it is”
    Four disparaging posts using different monikers and email addresses have been submitted from your same network in a short period of time.
    Critical remarks are welcome but due to risks of abuse, multiple sequential remarks from the same network (under different names) will not be published–especially if they are anonymous and damaging.
    Any critical commentary about a company’s or person’s reputation must be strongly backed up, or they will summarily be deleted without notice.
    This is simply a courtesy to protect people when we ourselves cannot verify the accuracy of a claim.
    We hope you understand.

  3. Well I speak english, so I’m not even sure what ‘the way it is’ is trying to say?
    Stink phone tape show industry? he’s not making a whole lot of sense. Are we sure its not Don Cherry posting under another name???

  4. Glad to see Gordo back in the saddle. His appointment should get DLC to $20 billion in volume in no time.

  5. what a hypocrite first he was bad mouthing dlc and know he joins them the man has no creditablity what so ever, he thinks people will join him i doubt it

  6. Dear The way it is and Unanmous,
    I suspect you are the same person based on your sentence structure and spelling. Shame on you. You should be embarrassed for your ignorant disparaging remarks, especially since you have chosen to do it under the veil of anonymity.
    In the future I sincerely hope you can do a better job contributing to our industry.
    I can be reached anytime via email directly at Gary@dominionlending.ca if you would like to express any concerns.

  7. Gary
    Thanks for your email. I’d prefer one of your patented and agressive phone calls. I will make a point to tape too so we can all hear the threats and bluster. I too will enjoy the call from _ _ _ _ and his false indignation and outrage at your abrasive manner. You woudlnt believe what he says about you when he doesn’t need a job :). Oh I forgot, that _ _ _ _ _ _ works for your “possy” of _ _ _ _ _ _ now. Well done boys – we all know a sell out and buy off when we see it. Btw..save the veiled threats and fabricated attempts at holier than thou leadership – you forget, we all know you by now.
    Ill do you one favour, if he suggests that you should finance your failings by selling shares to your franchisees. Run like hell, it didn’t work here either…
    Ps we are not the same person, this is three seperate opinions….or is your the only opinion you permit.
    [Edited by CMT. Please refer to our policy above on multiple posts under different names from the same network. We remind readers that these are solely the views of this poster.]

  8. Congratulations Gary on yet another great announcement for DLC. I’m proud to say that I am a Mortgage Agent with DLC, Canada’s leading Mortgage Brokerage Firm. The work and branding being done by DLC not only creates a strong national presence for our great company, but helps to strengthen our industry as a whole. Keep Leading the Way!!

  9. Gary and Gord…a force to be reckoned with! Congratulations Gord on a tremendous choice to join DLC and congratulations Gary on a tremendous choice in having Gord join us! #1!

  10. Dear not bought and paid for,
    Thanks for your response. I would have much more respect for you, regardless of your opinion, if you would add your real name to your negative posts.
    I could care less what Gord said about me in the past. He was very proud of INVIS/MI while he was at the helm and competed fiercely against DLC for years. Sometimes in business you say things out of frustration, like I have also done in the past. I am sure you have too, at one time or another.
    Imagine if sports stars, executives, or mortgage agents all felt like you do! Imagine believing that just because you competed hard against, had a rivalry, or went head to head in the past that you could never change teams.
    Business is business,and should not ever become personal like I see in some posts.
    I admire Gord for having an open mind to consider DLC, and for recognizing the opportunity, especially considering all the options he had available.
    The only people bitter about this seem to be people like you and you clearly expressed that you are with his former company when you said “it didn’t work here either”.
    I believe that we hit a GRANDSLAM when we hired Gord. He is known for his loyalty, his character, his integrity,and his team building and culture building abilities. We will be a better company because of Gord Dahlen.
    As for my holier than though leadership, I prefer to call it PASSION. You may not always like what I say, or how I say it but at least I am not afraid of my own shadow. I wont hide under a false name and say malicious, unflattering things that disrupt our industry, promote gossip, ill will and waste everyone’s time.
    I hope you find something in life you can stand up for!!!

  11. I don’t know Gary Mauris but he comes off as very unprofessional in this post. As a consumer, I would stay away from companies that have people getting into flame wars in a blog forum. There are better ways to conduct oneself. You may think you are being passionate but you are coming off as an arrogant, know-it-all…to this observer. There is nothing wrong with not including one’s name as annonymous feedback is far more honest.

  12. On the contrary, I applaud a company executive for having the guts to publicly stand up to weak-willed attackers who hide behind pseudonyms. I don’t work for Gary but I have much greater respect for him for defending what is right.

  13. You know, having met Stan Falkowski and some of the other MI/Invis executives, and knowing how hard they compete, I believe they would be ashamed to see some of the comments that have been posted by some of their Agents / Brokers. Never have I mistaken business competition for a personal attack; Gary, thanks for showing a whole lot of class and responding. As for Gord, welcome aboard.
    As for anyone else who wants to post anonymous disparaging comments, why bother? What are you hoping to accomplish?

  14. I would like to chime in quickly and say that far too much energy is wasted on things people know little about . My decision to leave Invis was a business decision that all parties agreed upon . The decision was arrived at, was based on what was best for all stakeholders at the time and it remains the business of myself and the Invis board of directors . For almost 10 and a half years however, I gave everything I had to Invis and subsequently Invis/MI to drive our business forward, with integrity and respect for all, as our hallmarks. I am proud of what we accomplished and the relationships that were forged. I realize this may be difficult for some to understand, but I have now chosen to do what thousands do every day, take on a new challenge and explore a new path in my career. This in fact is only my third venture in 22 years. So please let’s all go back to work and figure out ways to ensure this channel is the last one standing, and not worry about tearing down people and situations that you know little or nothing about. Thanks to all who posted , positive or negative and wishing all at Invis MI, brokers , management and staff, alike, only the best. as I start my new career.

  15. Hi Gord,
    Our thanks to you and Gary for the posts. It is a service to readers that you both openly interact with folks in public forums. Likewise, it is honourable to put one’s self “out there,” knowing that competitors at times may retort with “challenging” responses. :)
    Any way you slice it, I know folks here greatly appreciate hearing perspectives straight from the source.
    We want to encourage everyone to share their ideas openly—be them positive feedback or be them honest criticism. All we ask is that folks play nice and post factual criticism that’s verifiable. It’s not that hard to be critical and polite at the same time and we’ll try to do a better job at moderating posts in this spirit.

  16. Congratulations Gord. Great to see you back in the industry.
    As far as the negative posts are concerned, let’s try and act like professionals we profess be.
    It really is unfortunate that negative posts are bantered about on a public domain when we are trying to raise the bar for the industry. In light of the recent comments from RBC, it is ironic tht we use the same type of negative, unprofessional comments amongst our own in the industry.
    Gary, great hire but in my opinion,
    don’t fuel the fire as the negative posts are not worth responding to.
    This is simply disappointing behavior and uncalled for.
    Vince Gaetano
    Principal Broker/Owner

  17. In response to Vince; I believe people need to stand up for themselves. Leaving character assaults unanswered in a public forum is definitely the greater evil. Otherwise, throngs of people will read this stuff and have no idea if the negative comments are true. Just my 2c.

  18. I think this isn’t the place to air our dirty laundry.
    The public reads this blog and I think these posts should be removed by the editors.
    Let’s all go back to getting mortgages approved and forget about all the drama.

  19. I just got a Call from a friend of mine 30 minutes ago,He is Big franchise Owner with DLC and the word is that they have just bought Verico! Unreal! The deal is expected to be announed on Monday Or Tuesday! If this news accurate which I expect it to be accurate, wow! now they are a $20 Billion Dollar firm!

  20. Wow, This is a big news if its true! I am just curious why would DLC buy Verico? they already big plus Gary’s Attitude will not be liked by many Verico Brokers!

  21. The deal is expected to be announced early this week. The source for this story is 100% reliable! Its going to Change the mortgage industry forever!

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