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Impressions of DLC’s National Sales Conference

DLC-National-ConferenceBrokerage conferences are often modest close-knit productions. Dominion Lending Centre’s inaugural national sales conference was anything but.

DLC’s convention, held this week in Las Vegas, was an enterprise-level event with 500+ in attendance, 36 exhibitors and 20 industry sponsors. Its size and execution reflected the dynamic and fast-growing organization that DLC has built.


“The Vegas Conference was a huge success,” said DLC president Gary Mauris. “People are reporting that we successfully paired the perfect amount of learning and education with networking and fun.”

Mauris says the conference was designed to “embrace best practices sharing and networking.” With numerous learning sessions and dozens of lender personnel at a myriad of social functions, that goal was well met.

On the learning side, speakers included CIBC star economist Ben Tal, business positioning expert Simon Sinek, and business transformation expert Doug Bolger.

DLC-Conference-2Tal was his typical entertaining and informative self (more on him in a story to follow).

Simon Sinek conveyed that people don’t buy what you sell. They buy why you sell it. Price, service and features are commodities he said, and if you don’t truly believe in why your business is special, customers won’t believe it either.

Doug Bolger stressed the importance of positioning mortgage benefits in terms that actually matter to a specific client. Mortgage “features” are secondary to personalized “benefits,” he said. Moreover, he said if we as individuals can’t clearly convey our value as mortgage professionals, maybe “we’re not valuable.”

On the entertainment side, the locale (Las Vegas) says it all. Between the nightlife, cocktail receptions, the epic Hard Rock Cafe costume party, and pool-side lounging, there was no shortage of fun-time to match the learning opportunities.

DLC’s conference is expected to be bi-annual, with the next venue likely to be tropical.

This year’s event provided attendees with 7-8 CE credits from CAAMP.