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Globe-and-Mail-Best-BlogsCMT is greatly privileged to be named one of the Globe & Mail’s best money blogs of 2011.

The honour of “Best Blog” will be decided by vote. Cast a ballot for your favourite here.

This year’s nominees serve as a reading list for the most compelling non-mainstream financial content in Canada. For more, see: Best of the Blogs

  1. Congrats Rob! You are well deserving of this nomination. Your blog is with me and my coffee every morning.
    You provide industry information that is second to none.
    Good luck and much success,

  2. Just wanted to to say congrats as well. I’m by no means part of the mortgage industry (or even a related industry). I’m just a regular homeowner with a mortgage who has become much more empowered by reading the site. I will be casting a vote. Thanks for everything.

  3. Hi Melanie & Rob,
    I attribute the great rate we got to your Twitter report from two weeks ago. Thanks so much for the service you provide. You have our vote! :)

  4. Hi Rob & Melanie,
    Congrats! I voted for you! CMT is an excellent source for me – and I frequently share links to your articles with the entire Dominion Lending Centres network.
    All the best,

  5. Rob,
    Shane Lapointe with Firstline in Calgary also publicly praised your site at the Ben Tal Economic meeting in Calgary on Tuesday indicating that the information in respect to the VRM vanishing discounts was covered by your team better than any other news souce.
    Kudos! Kevin

  6. Congratulations Rob.
    Mortgage bloggers have a tougher row to hoe than general finance writers because our topics are more limited and let’s face it, mortgages aren’t exactly sexy! To be recognized among the best of this overall group is a real accomplishment.
    You basically founded mortgage blogging in Canada and you continue to offer interesting and unique insights on a regular basis. Award or not, that’s something to be very proud of.

  7. AS a mortgage agent I think that this is one of the most important blogs in our industry.
    I can find more information at this site relating to the Canadian mortgage industry than any other site on the web.
    Keep up the good work.

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