Bob Ord Departs From Mortgage Architects

News Mortgage Architects (MA) President/CEO, Bob Ord, has moved on from the firm he started five years ago.

Monday was reportedly his last day.

Alice Chan will be the “Acting CEO” of Mortgage Architects, per its website.

Highly accomplished and known throughout the industry, Ord is a mortgage veteran. Prior to starting Mortgage Architects, he was one of the architects of FirstLine, the nation’s largest broker lender.

From the sense we get, Ord’s leaving was at least in part, a company decision, but that’s not confirmed. We called and he verified his departure with us, but was unable to comment in detail at this time.

One of Mortgage Architects’ founding brokers, Don Stoddart, said: “Bob has always tried to bring out the best in people and empower them to make decisions. He’s always been successful no matter where he’s gone and his word was his bond. It was a sad day for a lot of people…”

“Bob likely has new opportunities available to him where he can make further positive contributions to the industry as a whole,” said Peter Majthenyi, another of MA’s original brokers.

“Bob made a huge contribution over the last 35 years to not only MA, but the industry as a whole…and has been the brainchild of MA and myNext, which all MA brokers have benefited from.”

Going forward, Mortgage Architects remains well-served by an exceptional management team, including Alice Chan, Meini Ickert, Kelly Neuber and others. We know each of them, having been with MA since 2008. That team, plus MA’s proprietary lender (myNext Mortgage) and unique model, are major assets for the company.

Sidebar:  In separate news, Mortgage Architect’s parent, Pacific Mortgage Group Inc., was recognized today by Profit Magazine as the 2nd fastest growing company in Canada. More on that here.

Rob McLister, CMT

  1. Rumours… Rumours… Rumours…
    let’s start a good one; perhaps it should be that he has retired, had enough of all of us and is now looking forward to being the next ‘greeter’ at Wall Mart!
    What ever Bob does, I wish him well as he has been very influential throughout my carrier.

  2. Bob Ord has always left a significant imprint on the Canadian Mortgage space, wherever he has been. Although we recognize him as a fierce competitor, he has always been someone we admire and appreciate for his contribution to our Industry. Bob has proven time and time again that he has a loyal following and has an exceptional capacity to achieve success with whatever project he spearheads. I expect this wont be the last we see of Bob. Best Wishes in any new initiatives!

  3. Bob is an institution in the mortgage business and the reason so many elite brokers joined Mortgage Architects.
    Good luck with whatever path life leads you down Bob.

  4. Bob is a rare individual who is a true visionary and a strong leader who has impacted the mortgage industry in uncountable ways.
    Many may not know that Bob was the key ‘driver’ behind the founding of CAAMP in 1994. His tremendous contributions to the Canadian mortgage industry have also been recognized with a CMP Lifetime Achievement Award.
    I have known Bob personally for more than 20 years and he has had a huge impact on my career, as I am sure he has had on many others across the country. I wish Bob all the best for the future.

  5. It sounds to me (but not confirmed) like Bob may have been pushed out. Given Bob’s long history in the industry and good name, I think it’s a blessing in disguise for him. The barn door is open…..

  6. There is new glue and many committed professionals behind MA. MA will be a major industry competitor. You can take that to the bank.

  7. the MA agents are some of the industries best, many of which owe their success to Bob. If it turns out (and I am just suspecting) that Bob was not treated properly in his exit, those top agents will not be committed to the “new glue”. They followed him once, foolish to think they won’t do it again if Bob was to re-surface. Just sayin’

  8. Let’s put this into perspective….No one individual makes a firm, nor does any one firm make an industry…Success is measured by the concerted effort of all..Although Bob was recognized for his contributions, let’s not forget the mortgage broker industry was built with the contributions of many who have come and gone….Simply put, it was Bob’s time to go….Looking ahead, the industry faces many challenges, and much needs to be accomplished…..Let’s get on dealing with the future, rather than dwelling on the past.

  9. Gary: Let me guess, you are going to run a ad in CMP again jst like the ad you ran when MI/Invis let their CEO go?
    [Post edited. This is not the forum for unsubstantiated personal attacks.]

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