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30 Days Till the CAAMP Mortgage Forum

CAAMP-Expo-2011Canada’s biggest mortgage convention is a month away.

The CAAMP Mortgage Forum runs Nov. 20-22 in Toronto.

This year’s speakers include NFL legend Terry Bradshaw, CBC’s Amanda Lang, marketing sage Seth Godin, and Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, among others.

Here’s the schedule. New this year:

Quick stats on CAAMP’s conference:

  • 1,000+ attendees have signed up thus far
  • 1,600+ attended last year in Montreal
  • 52% of attendees are mortgage originators (2010)
  • 30% of attendees are mortgage lenders (2010)
  • 2010’s event generated $1.92 million in revenue
  • 2010’s event cost $1.62 million

Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day for early bird pricing. Ticket prices then jump 12-15%.

We’ll be covering the expo as always. There will be at least one or two big lender/product announcements to share.

Facts from CAAMP’s Annual Report:

  • CAAMP has 12,500 members, roughly the same as last year.


  • AMP membership grew about 10% this year

(Chart source: CAAMP)