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5 Years

Birthday candlesFive years ago today our little site was born. And by little, we mean little. It had virtually no content and in its first week CMT had all of six visitors.

1,587 mortgage articles, 11,809 comments, six million impressions, 1.35 million unique visitors, 1,437 tweets and 1,825 days later, there’s still no shortage of stuff to write about.

Aside from the “occasional” late nights where our laptops doubled as pillows, it’s been a great ride reporting on Canada’s mortgage world these past five years.

On behalf of our production family (Steve Huebl, Amanda Ayles, Elizabeth McLister, Leslie Blais, Melanie McLister and myself) we hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read and look forward to helping folks navigate the Canadian mortgage market for another five years to come.

Our never-ending thanks for reading…

Rob McLister, Ed.