5 Years

Birthday candlesFive years ago today our little site was born. And by little, we mean little. It had virtually no content and in its first week CMT had all of six visitors.

1,587 mortgage articles, 11,809 comments, six million impressions, 1.35 million unique visitors, 1,437 tweets and 1,825 days later, there’s still no shortage of stuff to write about.

Aside from the “occasional” late nights where our laptops doubled as pillows, it’s been a great ride reporting on Canada’s mortgage world these past five years.

On behalf of our production family (Steve Huebl, Amanda Ayles, Elizabeth McLister, Leslie Blais, Melanie McLister and myself) we hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read and look forward to helping folks navigate the Canadian mortgage market for another five years to come.

Our never-ending thanks for reading…

Rob McLister, Ed.

  1. Congratulations Rob to you and your team on your 5th anniversary. I often recommend your site as being a valuable resource due to your obvious commitment of providing quality content. Keep up the great job!

  2. Thanks to both Melanie and Rob to the commitment and passion you have shown in this site (and the mortgage industry) throughout the years. Congrats on your 5 year Anniversary.

  3. Thank you very much for all the work and dedication you’ve put into this site. Everyone with a mortgage or looking for a mortgage should visit this site regularly. Great Work. Great Knowledge base.

  4. Congrats on 5 Years.Looking forward to reading for years to come.
    Tip of my black Bowler hat, and an adjustment of my yellow tie to you, as a sign of respect and support.

  5. When I was a newbie in the industry this website was a mentor of sorts. Thank you for being such a remarkable point of reference. CMT continues to be my first stop each morning when I get to the office. Continued success!

  6. Congratulations Rob and Melanie. I always appreciate your knowledge and positive support for the Mortgage Broker Community. The Positive spin is refreshing,and it will teach all Brokers to keep their online presence professional and value added. Keep up the great work!

  7. Rob,
    Nothing but kudos to you and the entire team on this milestone. I can attest to the hard work it takes to grow a blog.
    Love every minute I spend here. Great info and discussion.

  8. Rob, you and your team are doing an awesome job running CMT! Keep up the great work and here’s to many more years of outstanding reporting on the mortgage market!

  9. by far the most informative site for someone like myself who is a noob to this. I appreciate you and your team.

  10. Thanks to you, Melanie and your entire team for all your hard work.
    Although I don’t comment on every article Rob, I do try and read every one since following this site just over a year ago.
    Your articles are informative and thought-provoking. Keep them coming since it’s helping everyone learn and become more knowledgeable.
    You have a loyal following and rightly so!
    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!
    I look forward to at least another 5 ;)

  11. The perfect time to say THANK YOU ALL!
    Some entity out there needs to give you a National Public Service Award for helping the little guy navigate the ever changing and often confusing mortgage world.

  12. As a primary schoolteacher, I had virtually no knowledge of the mortgage world when I negotiated my first mortgage at a bank about 5 yrs ago. Shortly after, I stumbled on your blog and thanks to it – I have been reading it DAILY for 4 YEARS now! – I confidently made a knowledgeable decision when shopping for a new 5 year term just recently…with a mortgage broker.
    Your blog offers clear, comprehensive information without the tiresome “marketing overtones” one usually encounters. Thank you for providing such a useful source of information. I will keep recommending you!

  13. Congratulations, an excellent forum to discuss grass root topics effecting our industry and channel..Great information that provides us with great support in delivering an exceptional client experience through increased knowledge and advice.

  14. You guys are awesome, thank you for the great work you are doing. I am enjoying reading all the news and updates.
    Atefeh Shirafkan
    Professional Mortgage Team

  15. This site is not only making the mortgage consumer informed, but it is also raising the level of knowledge in mortgage professionals throughout Canada.
    I thank you for your “crew’s” commitment and passion to the industry in bringing us relevant info on an almost daily basis.
    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep you as my homepage! LOL!

  16. Thank you Rob!
    Like a cup of coffee, I can’t start my business day without reviewing Canadian Mortgage Trends first.
    Wayne Campbell, Invis – Prince George

  17. I’ve only started reading in the past year, and I wish I had found the site before I got into my first mortgage to years ago. The information that you provide here is invaluable. I’ve referred most everyone I know,who is thinking of getting into a mortgage, to this site.
    Keep up the good work
    Michael – Vancouver

  18. Rob, I remember sitting in Second Cup with you and Melanie discussing your website and ideas. It’s come a long way since that day in 2006 and you guys should be very proud of what you have accomplished.
    Look forward to following Canadian Mortgage Trends for years to come.
    Mike Barta

  19. Congrats on 5 years, Melanie & Rob! You have done a fabulous job! I visit your site daily to find out the latest mortgage news! Thanks for the wonderful information – and cheers to many more anniversaries to come!
    Cindy Freiman

  20. Congrats on all your success these past 5 years and thank you for all the hard work you continue to put into it to make it what it is today. It’s a remarkable achievement to nurture a strong and factual information site like CMT and I wish many more years of success.

  21. This website is gold; You’ve done a great job building a loyal following with your timely, informative articles which are not preachy. Keep doing what you’re doing, but always look for an opportunity to grow and do better. Thanks!

  22. Congratulation Rob and team! I have followed you for 4 years as a mortgage professional myself. Your information has helped me and my clients. Thanks soooo much for all the hard work you do.

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