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MBAAC Launches

MBAACSome quick facts on the just-lanched Mortgage Broker Association of Atlantic Canada (MBAAC).

Purpose:  “The purpose of the association is to offer a regional voice for the mortgage broker industry, rooted here in Atlantic Canada,” Founder and President Glen Ward told CMT. The board will work to establish a standard of ethics and also handle industry-related complaints in the region.

Important Goals:  Ward says the group’s goal is to help foster public trust in working with mortgage brokers, while also serving as a local source for continuing education for both new and seasoned brokers.

Affiliation with CAAMP: “Our goal is to work in conjunction with CAAMP to provide a local presence at a grassroots level to help elevate the standard of our industry in Atlantic Canada,” says Ward.

Executive:  The group currently has an appointed board with a two-year mandate, though Ward says that will change to an elected board as it becomes more established.

Structure:  MBAAC is a not-for-profit group. Ward adds that, “Our fees will be minimal.”

Those interested in joining can visit, and submit an application.

Steve Huebl, CMT