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Top Teams

Broker-Teams For the country’s largest mortgage teams, switching brokerages is no small effort, but it can often yield new opportunities.

As part of a periodic series, CMT features short profiles on $100 million+ broker groups that have recently made a move.

This week’s featured team is Imeris Mortgage Agency.

Imeris Mortgage Agency

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Team Name: Imeris Mortgage Agency
New Brokerage Firm: Verico
Montreal, QC
Lead Planners: Jean-Pierre Lessard, Charles Laberge & Louise Dubé
Years in Industry: 12
Licensed Agents on Staff: 27 (up from 5 in 2011)
Team Volume (Trailing 12 mo): $150 Million
Prior Brokerage: Fully independent
Top 3 Stated Reasons For Changing Firms:

1. Verico is a reputable organization and brand that adds distinction to our brokerage firm.
2. Having grown so much in one year, the Verico tools and lender relationships help us keep focused on expanding our business instead of clerical work.
3. Most importantly, the Verico model allows us to grow our own business name and brand.

Top drivers of business: Our most important business drivers are the realtors we work with and our existing clients.
Business Model in a Nutshell:
We have a very good relationship with one of the biggest real estate banners in Quebec. That allows our mortgage brokers to work with real estate brokers in all the markets of the province. We have a very good core of experienced mortgage brokers who share their knowledge with our newest brokers through a coaching program. We’ve built our business model with partners, brokers and clients on the simple principle of win/win.  
“Secrets” of Success:
The one phrase we stress to our brokers is: “Far from the eyes, far from the heart.” We ask that our brokers stay close to their referral sources. The rest is plain and simple: hard work!

Rob McLister, CMT