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“TD Helps” Now Online

TD-HelpsTD has a new mortgage Q&A forum called “TD Helps.” Here’s the link.

It’s a place where folks can ask simple mortgage questions and get answers.

TD is the one answering most of the questions, but it also invites the public to chip in with advice.

td-farhaneh-haqueTD Helps is moderated by Farhaneh Haque, Director of Mortgage Advice, TD Canada Trust.

After a cursory review of the site, it does seem to add value for general questions like, “What effect does a job change have on an existing mortgage approval?”

TD doesn’t make specific mortgage recommendations, however (which is understandable), nor does it talk about other lenders’ products (not surprising).

In fact, we specifically asked if folks can talk about non-TD mortgages in its forum. A spokesperson from TD’s PR firm replied that, “The site is moderated in order to keep the conversation on topic and the focus on advice rather than product.”

The “aim is to be product agnostic,” she said.

Despite that, we did see several references to TD products, but no references to competing products. That’s fine, of course. It’s TD’s website. But it’s often important to understand all your borrowing options, so a second opinion is essential.

In a nutshell, though, TD has put together a user-friendly website for answering basic mortgage questions. It’s great to see a big bank get down to the consumer’s level with useful online advice.

Rob McLister, CMT