Ord and Invis/MI Split

Bob-OrdThursday’s big story in the mortgage industry was the departure of industry icon and CEO Bob Ord from Invis/Mortgage Intelligence. Ord was appointed CEO of the company just ten months ago.

People in our business found the news a little peculiar and sudden, but in speaking with Ord and folks at Invis/MI, it simply boiled down to a philosophical difference between the two parties on company direction. There appeared to be no animosity between them.

Invis-MIIn his short time at Invis/MI, Ord seemed to breath new life into the organization. He was responsible for attracting top sales and marketing talent, a number of high volume brokers and a deal with Kanetix to generate online mortgage leads.

After Ord’s unexpected departure from Mortgage Architects in 2011, this latest incident may make some wonder. But he remains one of the sharpest most accomplished executives in the industry. Ord tells us he has lots of ideas to execute on and he won’t be retiring anytime soon.

As for Invis/MI, life goes on. It’s got a powerful sales team, capable management with incoming CEO and industry vet Cameron Strong, and a highly competitive broker model. That model includes compliance, payroll and marketing support with a compelling commission split for high volume brokers.

Rob McLister, CMT

  1. Rob, This article is far from the truth and facts. Bob was let go from MA and now Invis for the same reason. His [edited] comments [edited]….Bob, should have retired a long time ago….
    [Editor Comments: Gary, We always appreciate counterpoints and it goes without saying that there’s more background to this story. But, for obvious reasons, we can’t speculate beyond the statements we received. As for the rest of your comment–which was edited–if you’re going to make damaging personal accusations of that nature, you’re not going to do it on this site anonymously, especially without providing some degree of evidence. Call me if you’d like to discuss. -Rob]

  2. Bob is an adept but strong willed leader. He’s at his best when he’s running his own show. I have a feeling that some egos collided in this case but like the article says, life goes on and it does no one any good to overdramatize things.

  3. Thank you Rob. Your coverage of industry events is usually very balanced however, Bob Ords departure from Invis and MI is characterized as having no aminosity, unfortunately that is not accurate. Lets set the record straight.
    I have known Mr. Ord, worked with him, for him and against him for over 10 years and his reputation and character has been ___ for a number of years now.
    Bob took a collaborative work culture at Invis /MI and in a very short time, turned it into a place of _____. Those are not the qualities of leadership. For his few successes at Invis MI, he also ____ many staff and brokers in the west, insulted and ____ most of the brokers in Quebec, and caused a near revolt the east – all while promoting the same ole’ industry cronies that have followed him from company to company.
    Bob is a _____, plain and simple and that kind of leadership and management style is no longer effective and why he keeps ____ over and over again.
    Bob _____ from GMAC, MI, MA, and now MI and Invis a second time. All that success in 6-7 years What’s the common factor here. Bob.
    It is time for him to retire gracefully. He is quickly finding out that even his most faithful former supporters (of which I used to be one of) can no longer support his _____ style.
    A graceful departure from the industry is the only hope of retaining any respect for his past glory.
    [Edited. We want to allow free comment on this topic but need to ensure specific accusations are made by credible sources. If you want full play on comments like this, call 800-280-2460 ext 203 to verify your identity and background. Your name will not be revealed, subject to applicable law. Barring that, we have no other way of supporting such claims and minimizing potential slander. Thanks, -Rob]

  4. I sure would be curious to see all the blanks filled in above from Gary and a Former Fan lol. I think I share their opinions.
    Glad he’s gone from MI.

  5. I don’t have much respect for what Bob has done lately, maybe it is time he retired but having said that and having been a broker at Invis for 10 years, it seems that in recent years, no one can get along with their management/ownership group. Feel for the brokers that have to put up with all this nonsense. Glad I left a few years ago.

  6. Some of these posts are pathetic. What could be more cowardly than attacking a man’s character behind an alias?

  7. i have to agree with Ken’s comments. It really seems like the dark overlord has finally risen to his previously unattainable height of CEO in addition to chief of the dough and master of the board! with that combination of mortgage mastery in charge it would seem there is no right to be done for the brokers. update…stall…try to update…stall…hire new CEO…excite…stall…fire the CEO…stall…Deep wheezy breath…Between the Board and the master of the board it has become a slow downward spiral for this once leader in our industry. Unbelievably there are still a great amount of amazing people with Invis/MI.
    Hopefully the shareholders who want to get out can still exit stage left without concern of redeeming their shares. Glad I left a few years ago too!

  8. Gregory, You should disclose your real name. Shame on you for hiding behind a fake name like Gregory. Did you leave, is that the truth? I think not. Learn to be a real man and disclose your name.

  9. Hi Toney,
    Sorry not everything is a conspiracy, although i could see how anyone working with Invis/MI may be starting to feel that way. Not sure how you worked it out that I was a baby from my comments. Either way, Gregory or Greg are my name.
    I was just trying to make a sarcastic point that the board now has exactly who they wanted as CEO, someone from the inside that listens to them and happens to be the chairman of the board too. Accountability is now the big question people should be thinking about. I am quite happy with my decision to leave after a long time with Invis. I left because of the inaction of the company. What shocked me when i finally decided to look at what was available from other companies was that we had fallen woefully behind technologically, with broker support, training on and on.
    I just think that remaining brokers with Invis/MI need to hold the board and upper management more accountable for their actions and inaction(s).
    Good Luck to you!

  10. Ken and Gregory,
    It would be nice if you would dislcose your full name so we could put a face/company to the “name”. It’s really easy to take anonymous, uninformed cheap shots at Invis/MI – why don’t you stand up and be accountable? Cowards. Bill Jones, Invis

  11. Talking about cheap shots, name calling, Bill? Nice try. Ever heard of “Persecution of whistleblowers”?
    Hell hath no fury like a senior executive scorned, looking for revenge with a Corporation paid legal team at their disposal.

  12. I think it’s a shame that more often than not brokers seem to attack each other rather than focus on working together to save their market share against mortgage specialists.
    I worked with Bob and although some of his views may have been dated, he was certainly played a great part in shaping the industry today. His strength was attracting talent and he did it very well.
    He deserves some recognition for that despite his poor track record of late.

  13. Very cryptic there “banker”. I don’t think calling someone a coward is name calling – to appease you, maybe I should have just said it was “cowardly”. Either way, I don’t understand why people don’t OWN their comments. I do. You know who I am.

  14. In no way is this post intended to defend Bob Ord however there is a name for what some of you are doing. It is called cyber bulling. Full name disclosed or not, it does not matter.
    There are teenage kids out there committing suicide because of attacks like these. How can we expect the younger generation to stop doing it when so called professional adults do it as well.
    Good for you Rob stopping some of the comments as other sites (CMP for example) does not seem to monitor as much.
    Some of you need to take a step back and think about how you would feel if situations were reversed.

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