CMT Remodelled

By now you’ve probably noticed that CMT looks a bit different than it used to. After 101 months of the same well-worn format, we were about due for a makeover.

Thankfully, despite it being no small feat, CAAMP’s team was able to make it happen. The new site sets the stage for more content and brings various improvements, including

  • New featured articles sections
  • Less obtrusive, but still easily accessible, career ads
  • Better display on mobile devices
  • A more prominent “Find-a-Broker” feature
  • A Mortgage Dashboard link

The site will be in beta for a few weeks so please “pardon the dust” while we remodel to serve you better. If you notice the odd little issue, rest assured the techies will be on top of it straightaway.

In the interim, we hope you enjoy the new look and feel. And as always, thank you for reading…

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