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A Cure for Document Blues

As a mortgage provider, saving your customers time and instilling confidence are two things that create a satisfying experience. That’s particularly true when you do it with something as tedious as document collection.

Mortgage Alliance is one of few broker networks and industry suppliers that have made document processing more efficient for clients and agents alike. It’s done that with a new system called Safe Docs.

Safe Docs basically works like this:

  1. The mortgage agent specifies a list of documents required by the lender (using the interface below).
  2. Safe Docs then creates an email that the agent can send to the client with a documents list and upload link.
  3. The customer clicks the link in the email and uploads his or her documents using a secure web page.
  4. The documents are then organized and stored in the agent’s file (on Mortgage Alliance’s Mortgage BOSS system).

From BOSS, the agent can then easily track which documents have been uploaded and which are still outstanding.

From the client’s standpoint, it is simple, fast (as long as they can easily scan their documents) and very secure.

On that last point, email has been the #1 way clients get documents to their mortgage agents, but emailed documents aren’t totally secure. Mortgage Alliance also has a fax-to-email service, but that system has similar security imperfections. By contrast, Secure Docs uses point-to-point SSL encryption in a browser, so there is almost no chance of a network snooper intercepting and viewing the client’s documents.

Another useful feature is document conversion. Secure Docs automatically converts all file formats to PDF, lenders’ preferred format. With many clients now photographing or scanning documents with a smartphone, this is a real time saver. Any agent that has to manually convert .JPG files to PDF, for example, will vouch for that.

In 2015, this is technology that virtually every broker in the country should have. It’s high time that more brokerages and suppliers implement something like it. D+H, Canada’s leading mortgage processing platform, showed off something similar at last November’s CAAMP Expo, but there have been no related announcements since.