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Tragedy Shakes Mortgage Industry

Colleen SilittoShock and sadness are reverberating throughout Canada’s mortgage industry following an apparent murder-suicide that has struck painfully close to one of its own.

Axiom Mortgage President and CEO Michael Cameron took to social media to express his grief over girlfriend Colleen Sillito’s senseless death on Friday. The two had been dating since early May.

Sillito, a 46-year-old artist, photographer and mother of five, was reportedly killed by an ex-boyfriend in Fort Saskatchewan, where she lived.

“She was passionate about life,” Cameron wrote on his Facebook page. “She loved her children. Her ability to create beauty through her art, photography, pottery and music was generously shared with others. She lived a life full of adventure. She will be missed more than we can possibly express.”

Cameron, who also sits on CAAMP’s Board of Directors, has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help support Sillito’s children.

“This fund will be set up in trust for her younger children so that they can continue to bring their mother’s joy to the world,” Cameron wrote on the fundraising page. “Donate if you can but if you can’t please make a small gesture of kindness to someone else in her honour. She would be thrilled to know that her death was not meaningless and that she continued to inspire others to live a full life, love deeply and care for others.”