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Follow up and boost revenue

Guusto mobile image(Sponsored Post)

“Thank you” can be a powerful pair of words, in personal life and equally in business.

A recent survey from Mortgage Professionals Canada found that 75% of mortgage consumers would have liked to receive a follow-up from their mortgage provider after closing, with most expecting just a simple “thank you for your business.”

For mortgage professionals wanting a unique way to convey that appreciation, or brokerages looking to reward employees, there’s a new, free service that makes it easy. It’s called Guusto and it’s an instant gifting platform (app and web dashboard). It lets you send something thoughtful like a drink, dinner or a movie, leaving a lasting impression on clients and a potential referral source. And to really make someone’s day, Guusto has teamed up with the One Drop Foundation to donate one day of clean drinking water for every gift sent.

Gone are the days of easy-to-misplace plastic gift cards that add waste to landfills and are tied to a specific store or restaurant. With Guusto, gifts can be redeemed at any of the 1,500+ partner locations across Canada using a mobile device or by displaying a printout.

One of its best features for business is the ability to track when clients have claimed the gift you’ve sent. You can even set a date in which the gift must be claimed by. If the gift recipient hasn’t done so in that timeframe (e.g., one year), the money is refunded back to your account. That way your incentive spending isn’t wasted on people who lost your gift, or never bothered to open it in the first place.

According to Guusto co-founder Joe Facciolo, “it can be costly to underestimate the power of building a loyal customer base.” In the mortgage business, customers can easily be worth more than 4-5 times as much as their first mortgage.

And referrals are just as important, given they’re trusted more than virtually any form of advertising. As all of us in the mortgage business know, it’s far harder to sell to new clients than old ones. Data from Market Metrics finds that the probability of closing a new prospect is less than 20%, compared with a 60-70% chance of selling to an existing client.

So if you’re looking for a unique way to give thanks this holiday season and beyond, either for customer appreciation or employee recognition, try Guusto for free. For businesses that need to send a lot of gifts, email Joe Facciolo for a 10-minute Guusto for Biz demo –