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Top Banks by Mortgage Portfolios

Of the nearly $1 trillion in mortgage balances held by our top banks, Canada’s Big Six control a dominating 93% of it.

The top six mortgage standings rarely change in the bank world. The latest numbers from OSFI show

  • RBC still holding the #1 spot with nearly 1 in 4 bank mortgages
  • TD in second with 1 in 5 bank mortgages
  • Scotiabank (the top broker channel lender), right on TD’s heels with 19% share.


Banks have and will continue to dominate Canada’s mortgage market. Despite the fact that brokers closed 42% of new mortgages in 2015 (to the banks’ 45%, as per Mortgage Professionals Canada research), the bulk of funding for those mortgages came from or was facilitated by major banks.


Source: The above table of information is derived from OSFI financial reports and includes Canadian residential mortgages only. Our thanks to the Canadian Bankers’ Association for providing this data.