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Goodbye Mr. McLister

By Gary Mauris, Special to CMT

Today is a sad day. Today is the day that CMT says goodbye to its long-time editor, Robert McLister.

Canadian Mortgage Trends started many years ago with very humble beginnings. This brainchild of Rob’s was created when very few people really understood the power of blogs, the influence they could have and the loyal followings they would create.

In the early days I remember thinking it wouldn’t last and questioned who this so-called authority of the Canadian mortgage industry was. At the beginning I was a skeptic and read it occasionally.

Little did I know that this author truly would become an authority in our space and that CMT would become the definitive mortgage destination for all things related to the Canadian mortgage industry.

Looking back it shouldn’t have been a surprise. The product that Rob put out was always a cut above, always carefully researched, and always articulated incredibly well.

Rob’s work is thorough. His love for our industry is obvious and his desire to serve Canadians by delivering a smorgasbord of information, facts, helpful hints and advice is amazing.

I, for one, have an immense amount of respect for this man. He has served our industry well, really well. I have called him many times over the years at 11 p.m. PT expecting to get a voicemail or auto responder. I am always blown away that at 2 or 3 a.m. he responds as he is up late doing research on another breaking story.

These will be hard shoes to fill. He has fairly and accurately given our industry, our brokers and lenders a voice and a forum for genuine dialogue. There are so many regular posters that are going to miss you Rob! What is my good friend Ron Butler going to do without you? Ron, my vote is for you as our next editor!

Anyway friend, on behalf of the DLC Group of companies and the industry as a whole, thank you for being part of our daily lives.

I know you will still be a guest writer occasionally and have some exciting things in store and we wish you nothing but joy, happiness and success!! Happy trails…

Gary Mauris is the Co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Lending Centres; Chief Executive Officer of Mortgage Centre Canada; and Chairman of Mortgage Architects.


  1. Thanks so much Gary, sincerely. I didn’t plan a big hoopla but I know you wanted to do this and I’m humbled by the sentiments. You’re a living example of how anyone in Canada’s mortgage business—armed with just two ingredients: ambition and a way with people—can build more than most of us ever dream of. I’m lucky to call you a friend.

    As for the rest of our amazing, loyal readers, I tell you this. Each day that I’ve had the privilege of writing for you has been an honour. I took the content seriously and I took your faith in me even more so. My thanks to every one of you reading this for making CMT worth the 10,000+ hours I’ve invested in it.

    Alas, it is time to hang up the old editor’s hat. Journalism is a fulfilling pastime but it doesn’t pay so great. I’ve sacrificed my own businesses too long, and owe more to my investors and amazing employees. Canada’s mortgage market is changing at light speed and this is everyone’s best chance to profit from that change. I’ll now be reallocating time to re-engineering our mortgage business for the digital tsunami that’s about to make landfall.

    Before signing off as editor for the last time, I wanted to convey special thanks to people who’ve unknowingly helped make this site better, particularly:

    • Mortgage Professionals Canada. Every last one of MPC’s staff are class acts who don’t work for paycheques; they work to build a better mortgage market for brokers, lenders and most importantly, consumers. Thank you to the board, past boards, Paul Taylor, Samir Asusa and Jim Murphy for allowing me three amazing years of working for one of the most professional, caring associations in the country.

    • The leaders in the industry I’ve had a chance to know and learn from: Deon Yu (my partner and “B” mortgage mentor), John Kelly (VERICO), Colin Dreyer (VERICO), Kathy Gregory (Paradigm Quest), Donald Zuill (Paradigm Quest), Mark Squire (Manulife), John Bordignon (Paradigm Quest), Dan Putnam (CMLS), Boris Bozic (Merix), Yousry Bissada (Kanetix), Gleb Ioussoufovitch (Xceed Mortgage), Will Dunning (Will Dunning Inc.), Ray Williams (NBF), Mark Kerzner (TMG), Ron Butler (Butler Mortgage), Dan Eisner (True North Mortgage), Dustan Woodhouse (DLC), Calum Ross (Calum Ross Mortgage), Charles Sauriol and team (CMHC), Kamran Daryushnejad (formerly NBC), Peter Kinch (TriView Capital), Jessi Johnson (Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team), Andy Charles (Canada Guaranty), Barb Morgan (Invis-MI), Mike Beckette (TMACC), Bryan Devries (ICICI), Dave Stafford (Scotiabank), Bob Ord (Formerly Mortgage Architects), George Hugh (Formerly ING), Jeff Spencer (Manulife), Kelly Neuber (Invis-MI), Geoff Willis (Newton Connectivity Systems), George Zhang (Radius Financial), Yvonne Ziomecki (Homequity Bank), Wayne and Hali Strandlund (Fisgard), John Donald (Formerly Five Fathom Partners), Rick Arnds (Meridian CU), Andrew Moor (Equitable) and Ron Swift (Radius Financial). You may not realize it, but each of you gave me insights critical to building an understanding of the market that could be shared with others. I am grateful to you and the many others who can’t be named here.

    • To the most capable, loyal website administrator and content manager in the country, Steve Huebl. Without your constant availability, support and editorial skill, I would’ve quit a long time ago.

    • And most importantly, to my wife Melanie. Your patience, love and 12-hour days running the business kept me from having to find a “real” job this past decade.

    Will miss all you guys, but I’ll be back here with guest posts from time to time. Till then, embrace the digital wave. It’s changing mortgages forever…


  2. I guess I am the guy at CMT that Stephen King refers to as the “Constant Reader” because I sure as hell was that person.

    Rob is irreplaceable for all the reasons Gary cited and more. Rob is relentlessly truthful and honest. When you add to that the fact he was also scary smart and did his research so well you end up with the perfect industry reporter and commentator.

    If it sounds like a bromance, maybe it is but there are incredibly few sources of honest, well analysed information in this highly specialized industry. 90% of what I read about on the inside of the mortgage brokerage business was almost always biased, wrong and sometimes just pure gossip. Rob always got it right.

    So it is a sad day, but from this Constant Reader all I can say is: Thanks Rob.

  3. Journalism has always been a passion of mine. The first thing I did when I got into the industry from 22 yrs in a bank was to read one of Robs stories. WOW. It opened my eyes right away. I have now read every thing he has written and I truly dont know what I am going to do going forward I had the privlege of spending time with Melanie while we both took the in class brokers course together a few yrs ago.. I felt like I was sitting with a celebrities spouse. He was that special to me. She sure was a great support of her husband. I quietly thank you for all your wonderful articles that made my day everytime I read them and shared them with my team. I sincerely hope you master the digital age. Thanks again.

  4. Rob. You have done a great job with CMT. I appreciate the shout-out but more so the many conversations and debates we have had over the years about the industry we are both so passionate about. I am glad you will continue to contribute articles to CMT in the future and have no doubt your success will continue as you focus on your mortgage business.

    Thanks so much for all you have contributed not only with CMT but with the mortgage industry as a whole.


  5. Thank you for all the effort, dedication and the diligence in your reporting on all things industry over the years, Rob. Both Gary and Ron are right: there are too few sources of reliable information and knowledgeable insights in our industry. You are a champion of the broker channel and your creating and building of Canadian Mortgage Trends was timely and necessary.

    As you’ve noted, and I want to reiterate for our readers, you will continue to contribute to the site going forward, albeit with reduced frequency. As you and I have discussed, your contributions to CMT will be eagerly sought on as frequent a basis as you can provide them. I suspect your journalistic itch will likely need scratching frequently due to the rapidity of the market place changing. We will continue to look forward to your reporting here.

    Thanks for everything, Rob, and I look forward to your continued contributions in the future.

  6. Wow, can’t believe this isn’t April Fools, but totally respect your decision Rob. Huge shoes to fill in our fledgling industry. Best of luck and thank you for all of your hard work!

  7. Please tell me this is an April Fools joke… please? Rob, don’t leave us! Please don’t leave! You’re the only person out there who writes better than ME!! :) I’d like to wish you well, but I really don’t want you to go!

  8. Rob,

    You have made a very positive and lasting impact on our industry whether you know it or not. As my colleagues have noted above, you have had the ability to report the stories and what is happening within our industry truthfully, respectfully, candidly and with a right amount of simplicity and humour. You have a very unique talent and you should be extremely proud of what you have accomplished and the legacy you leave behind. I will miss reading your articles and gleaning from your knowledge.

    Melanie, thank you for sharing Rob with us for so many years.

    All the best as you set forth with your next adventure.


  9. Rob, you are and always will be a class act. Integrity and honesty with which you informed the industry of relevant facts and information is beyond comparison. Best wishes to you as you carve out a new niche.

  10. Thanks Rob for your many years of hard work for the progression of the industry. The dream that became CMT is a great example of how a sound/focused vision can become reality and subsequently one of the best industry resources for news and information. All the best on your other endeavors!

  11. Does that mean we finally won’t have Rob censoring all the valuable input from anyone who doesn’t share his views? I can’t even count the number of posts I’ve made to counter his points that he just moderated out of existence. Now that he’s gone we won’t even be able to say “I told you so”, as the crash proceeds.

  12. Concerned, thanks for continuing to be the definition of an internet troll, always gutlessly anonymous, always negative and always crying. Sorry your Mom did not bring your lunch down to you in basement on time. You can go back to Grand Theft Auto now.

  13. You’ll be missed by many Rob. 2 years ago when I was the new kid on the block (and many days still feel like I am…) you were not only kind enough to take an interest in my fledgling business, but yourself and Steve even took the time to craft an extremely kind article based on my experiences. Setting what then seemed like lofty goals gave me something to work towards, and for that I am extremely grateful. I was blown away then and still am now that you took the time to get to know me.

    As an avid reader I’ll certainly miss your articles. I am, however, looking forward to your guest posts in future. Best of luck in your next adventure!

  14. Rob thanks for your work over the years, am truly disappointed to lose the quality and caliber of content you produced. It was unique in this industry.

  15. I sure the heck am going to miss you … For years I have read your articles….and shared them with many.
    Thanks Rob for doing such a fantastic job over the years…

  16. Rob – I’m one of those who read your posts and went back to them again!
    You will be surely missed but respect your decision.
    Wish you the very best.

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