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Goodbye Mr. McLister

By Gary Mauris, Special to CMT

Today is a sad day. Today is the day that CMT says goodbye to its long-time editor, Robert McLister.

Canadian Mortgage Trends started many years ago with very humble beginnings. This brainchild of Rob’s was created when very few people really understood the power of blogs, the influence they could have and the loyal followings they would create.

In the early days I remember thinking it wouldn’t last and questioned who this so-called authority of the Canadian mortgage industry was. At the beginning I was a skeptic and read it occasionally.

Little did I know that this author truly would become an authority in our space and that CMT would become the definitive mortgage destination for all things related to the Canadian mortgage industry.

Looking back it shouldn’t have been a surprise. The product that Rob put out was always a cut above, always carefully researched, and always articulated incredibly well.

Rob’s work is thorough. His love for our industry is obvious and his desire to serve Canadians by delivering a smorgasbord of information, facts, helpful hints and advice is amazing.

I, for one, have an immense amount of respect for this man. He has served our industry well, really well. I have called him many times over the years at 11 p.m. PT expecting to get a voicemail or auto responder. I am always blown away that at 2 or 3 a.m. he responds as he is up late doing research on another breaking story.

These will be hard shoes to fill. He has fairly and accurately given our industry, our brokers and lenders a voice and a forum for genuine dialogue. There are so many regular posters that are going to miss you Rob! What is my good friend Ron Butler going to do without you? Ron, my vote is for you as our next editor!

Anyway friend, on behalf of the DLC Group of companies and the industry as a whole, thank you for being part of our daily lives.

I know you will still be a guest writer occasionally and have some exciting things in store and we wish you nothing but joy, happiness and success!! Happy trails…

Gary Mauris is the Co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Lending Centres; Chief Executive Officer of Mortgage Centre Canada; and Chairman of Mortgage Architects.