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30 Easy Social Media Posts to Keep You in Front of Your Clients – Part III

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: finding the time to post regularly on social media is a huge challenge.

Keeping in front of customers doesn’t have to be complicated, though. You don’t need to write 500 words to do it. Actually, please don’t! Some of the best posts are short and visual.

First, there are business-related posts

You really want to use your existing resources for these. Take a look at your website, blog, product information and any articles and reports you’ve read recently.

What short “clips” could you take out of each one? Chances are you’ll find a month or more of good ready-made posts.

If the information is your own and is online (like your blog or website), include the link. You’ll drive traffic to your website.

If it belongs to somebody else, make sure you reference them. If you can provide copies, ask them to message you for it. It’s a great way to have people get in touch.

social media ideas10 ideas for short mortgage-related posts:

  1. New product announcements
  2. Company news
  3. Mortgage terms explained
  4. Trends and outlooks explained
  5. Answers to FAQs
  6. Time-sensitive offers
  7. Points taken from your blog
  8. Stats or tips from your brochures or website content
  9. Cross-promotion of colleagues in related fields (introducing or sharing content from a real estate agent, insurance agent or contractor you know)
  10. Local real estate news

You can use your posts to educate, too.

Mortgages and other finance-related topics confuse most people. Even people who already have a mortgage can find many aspects overwhelming. That’s why they need you.

Provide easy-to-digest information for them and they’ll know working with you is a smart step.

5 ideas to position you as a knowledgeable helping hand

  1. Tips to help save for a home
  2. Protecting and checking your credit rating
  3. Getting a mortgage with less-than-ideal credit
  4. Mortgage tips when a relationship ends
  5. Specialized mortgages for a new home build, home renovations or a second home

Business posts like the ones above are great for positioning you as an expert. But they’re pretty hard-core for most consumers.

Even on LinkedIn, there’s room for lighter content

linkedin profile photo

In fact, you should be doing these lighter posts. They’ll help your clients and allow leads to relate to you and get to know you online.

This is also an opportunity for you to start having more fun with your posts.

HOT TIP! Your customers aren’t just moving—they’re obsessed with moving

You know that feeling, right? When you’re looking at homes or selling a home, it’s on your mind all the time. If your potential customers are in the middle of obsessing about their move, strike while the iron’s hot.

Some of these might seem pretty unrelated to getting a mortgage. But remember, catch their attention early on with your fun posts about the best paint colours of the year. You’ll be top of mind when it’s mortgage time.

A few will even work twice since they’ll also appeal to existing customers who are remodelling their new home. They’ve worked with you recently. Stay top-of-mind with more general-interest posts so they remember to recommend you.

11 posts for the “house-move obsessed”


  1. Remodelling projects
  2. Decorating trends
  3. Which renovations raise your sale price
  4. Decluttering
  5. Creating curb appeal
  6. Tips for showing your home
  7. Choosing a real estate agent
  8. Packing tips
  9. How to choose a mover
  10. What it costs to move
  11. Making a move easier for kids (or pets)

These posts can help people get to know you and build a connection with you and your team.

5 posts that give customers a glimpse of the real people behind their mortgage

  1. Behind-the-scenes photos of you and your co-workers getting the job done (or having fun at work)
  2. Congratulations and closings, with the customers’ permission
  3. Employee stories, where you introduce a new employee, post a celebration (with their permission) or celebrate their work anniversary
  4. Work-related events, like a charity golf tournament or networking event
  5. Holiday messages that send wishes to your customers and colleagues

No matter the type of post, do these 3 things

social media marketing

  1. Say it 2 or 3 different ways. If you’ve researched good information to post, have it ready in two or three formats for re-posting. And if it plays well, definitely repost it!
  2. Make sure you use an image. Posts with images will perform much better than text alone.

If you don’t have a picture, a tool like Canva can help. It lets you make short, eye-catching statements simply with the text font on a background. Use your company colours and the same font every time so it becomes recognizable as yours.

  1. If the post isn’t business-related, it still needs to build your business. Don’t hesitate to post a picture of your dog who’s in your office when you work from home. (It’s a nice break from the high-five business stock photos, and now you have a connection with dog-loving clients.)

Just make sure you mention your canine co-worker is working hard as chief envelope-licker or something similar. Make it clear this is a behind-the-scenes shot of your workday.

As always, if you find yourself with too few hours in the day to fully dedicate yourself to your social media presence, professional help is always an option.