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Resetting the MPC Foundation within a Resetting Nation

In early 2019, the board of the MPC Foundation began envisioning ways in which the foundation could evolve to make a more meaningful impact on people and communities through charitable giving, as well as stretching every dollar to its full potential. In years past, The Foundation’s objectives were:

  • the advancement of education, including knowledge of financial literacy and responsible consumer borrowing
  • funding scholarships for post-secondary school students in need of financial assistance to continue with their education
  • supporting activities that foster the advancement of teaching methods and tools, through initiatives such as research, education and the development and distribution of publications.

While still noble goals, it became apparent they needed an update to accommodate a rapidly changing country and landscape. With a new Foundation board of directors in place, the first task was  to change our primary target recipients, pivoting away from financial literacy and moving towards charities focused on Canada’s homeless people and those looking to improve their housing situations.

We began our reboot, with a new mission to become “a conduit for the mortgage industry to help improve our society through charitable activities”. In early 2020, we began planning a summer filled with fundraisers, from golf tournaments to soirees.

Then the COVID-19 Pandemic happened.

The world shut down, and lives from coast-to-coast were put on hold. The fundraising activities and events that The Foundation had planned were no longer an option. With our country upside down, our mission still remained strong, and arguably the needs had increased.

Our team’s desire to have the MPC Foundation contribute meaningfully to Canada’s communities is as strong as ever. If the last six months have taught us anything, it’s that our homes, our safe havens if you will, have never been more important.

We want to make an impact.

The MPC Foundation will be relaunching next week with a new board, a refreshed outlook, and a focus on improving shelter and housing needs in Canada. Our vision is “to be the mortgage industry’s preferred way of contributing to Canada’s communities.” Our mortgage broker community has been an active contributor in improving the lives of Canadians, and the Foundation wants to do its part in amplifying their efforts.

The Foundation will start this new era partnering with several new meaningful organizations In future months, we will begin looking for fundraising ideas more in line with our new virtual world. The ideas are flowing (Zoom charity poker, anyone?), and we cannot wait to partner with mortgage professionals from across the country to work together to raise money and awareness for great causes. Please visit to learn more. We welcome you to join the mailing list and we can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and get down to helping in a truly meaningful way.