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Mortgage Professionals Canada promotes broker expertise in newly launched campaign

Against the backdrop of a challenging housing market, Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) has unveiled a new national campaign emphasizing the pivotal role mortgage brokers play in guiding Canadians towards their homeownership dreams.

The campaign, titled “There’s a better place to start,” was launched today at the association’s national conference taking place in Toronto. It underscores the value of expert advice, reassurance, and diverse choices that mortgage brokers offer to potential homeowners.

Lauren van den Berg, President and CEO of Mortgage Professionals Canada, said many prospective buyers face information overload when searching for mortgages or mortgage advice online.

“We know our brokers have the expertise to best advise Canadians when buying their home, but not enough consumers know this is the best place to start,” she said. “So many Canadians are scouring online for information trying to figure out what’s best for them, which results in so much conflicting information and options to choose from.”

The campaign’s core message encourages Canadians to consult experts for genuine solutions rather than getting lost in the maze of online information.

This digital-centric campaign addresses the growing anxieties Canadians harbor about purchasing homes and securing mortgages, especially in the backdrop of the current housing affordability crisis.

MPC’s recent Semi-Annual State of the Housing Market found the percentage of non-homeowners believing they might never own a home has surged by 15 points in just half a year. Another 69% of current homeowners with mortgages expressed apprehension about renewing their terms amidst escalating rates.

Van den Berg emphasized the role of mortgage brokers in this scenario, reassuring homebuyers that mortgage professionals are “with you every step of the way to answer all of your questions and guide you to your new home with personalized, unbiased, and objective advice, so you get the best product possible.”

The broker advantage

The campaign also highlights the unique advantages brokers bring to the table. Unlike dealing with individual financial institutions, brokers have access to multiple lenders and products, enabling them to offer tailored solutions based on their comprehensive market knowledge.

MPC emphasizes that mortgage professionals also shoulder the stress of navigating the market intricacies, including all of the latest regulations, ensuring clients can focus on their homeownership dreams.

MPC’s semi-annual consumer survey also revealed another trend: an increasing number of Canadian homebuyers are placing their trust in brokers, with their market share on an upward trajectory.

Nearly a third of the respondents said they had used the services of a broker when purchasing their current home, marking an uptick from prior surveys. Notably, younger buyers, including Millennials and Gen Z, are the most inclined to seek broker services, with 41% of each demographic opting for broker expertise.

Through this campaign, MPC aims to reassure homebuyers that with the right guidance, the dream of homeownership can still be within reach.

“We’re part of the community, just like you, and are passionate about helping Canadians through the home buying process,” van den Berg said. “With the launch of this campaign, our aim is to show homebuyers that there is a better place to start to achieve the dream of homeownership.”

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