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Pre-Approval Considerations

Pre-approvals are a funny animal. Home buyers sometimes rely on them too much and lenders sometimes offer them only reluctantly (due to their cost and

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Early Renewals

It’s hard to imagine the mortgage industry getting more competitive than it already is, but it will…every year. One area where lenders are constantly looking

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Life After 2.99%

Falling mortgage rates have been one of the biggest single factors escalating home prices. So as rates reverse higher—assuming it’s a sustained increase—values will feel

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Alternative Down Payment Sources

This week’s Globe column looks at ways people scrape together down payments when they don’t have enough non-registered savings of their own. It’s still perplexing

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Retire Sans Mortgage

We get a stream of emails from seniors with mortgages, some of whom are in financial hurt. It is those stories that inspired this week’s

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