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Penalty Avoidance

If you’re getting a new long-term mortgage, odds are you’re going to fiddle with it before maturity. The majority of people will either: Add money

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Building a Cash Cache

For years, financial experts have advised home buyers to sock away emergency savings. Most advisers view contingency funds as a prerequisite to getting a mortgage.

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If a Lender Fails

The bulk of Canada’s 400+ prime mortgage lenders are smaller institutions. (That number includes credit unions.) At any given time, one of these lenders—perhaps one

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New Mortgage Rules Kick In

Effective today, mortgage shoppers with less than 20% equity are subject to the new mortgage rules announced recently by the government. These regulations will cut buying power

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The Housing Indicator to Watch

National home prices are inflated by almost every measure, including: median price/median income, prices/rents and prices/GDP. In this week’s Globe column, we look at the

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