Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ: How do I suggest an article or make a submission to Canadian Mortgage Trends?

General guidelines
Content should be informative and engaging, providing tips and tools to help mortgage professionals in their businesses. The word count should be no more than 600-700 (exceptions may be considered). Content which is intended to promote a specific product or company will not be accepted.

Editing Policy
Articles will be subject to approval and may undergo editing to conform to CMT guidelines.

Writer’s Credit
The author’s contact information will be included with the article. Submissions must include the name, mailing address and daytime phone number of the writer. Writers will be contacted within two weeks if their piece is accepted for publication. Writers who have not been contacted within that period should assume their work will not be published.

How to Submit
Send submissions to:


FAQ: How do I advertise on CMT?

View our media kit for rates and specifications. (It may not be published or dispersed by other means)

Additional questions can be sent to:


FAQ: How do I contact the Editorial Board?

Send comments and inquiries to:



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