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Q&A with Boris Bozic

Boris BozicQ. What do you think people keyed in on when nominating you for the Hall of Fame?

A. It was in part good fortune, a sense of timing, not being risk adverse, and being smart enough to surround myself with people who were a lot smarter than I am. Success of any measure can never be attributed to one individual or one event. I’ve been fortunate that over my career I have guessed right a few more times than guessing wrongly.


Q. Your proudest accomplishment in the mortgage industry?

A. As an employer what gives me a sense of pride is giving people an opportunity to succeed and flourish. I have hired many people over the years, while either working for a mortgage broker firm or lender. To see so many of these individuals reach the success levels that they have today is rewarding. I am proud of the enterprise value we created for our shareholders, introducing and validating a (trailer) compensation model that creates future financial value for brokers. And I’m also proud of the work we did when I served on the CAAMP Board.


Q. Who has been your biggest mentor in the industry?

A. I couldn’t name just one individual that I would categorize as a mentor. I have learned from so many. I can name three individuals who had a profound impact in my career. In my formative years it would be Grant Thomas. Later it would be John Donald and Kathy Gregory. It’s not a coincidence that all three are Hall of Famers.


Q. What must the industry do today to have a materially greater market share in 5 years?

A. Our industry faces the same challenges today that all industries face: rapid change. We cannot allow ourselves to stagnate. We have to be the provocateurs and disturbers. We cannot wait for others to lead and then simply follow. Future growth requires all of us to rethink and even re-engineer how we do things. To be a vibrant and viable industry going forward will require significant reinvestment, human capital being the most critical.