2009 CMP Award Winners

Canadian-Mortgage-Awards-09 Canadian Mortgage Professional hosted the 3rd annual Canadian Mortgage Awards Friday night.  It was a gala with no shortage of glitz and glamour, with over 400 industry professionals in attendance

There were a number of familiar names in the champions’ circle this year.  Below is the official list.  Congratulations to each and every one of the well-deserving winners and nominees.


2009 CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards Winners

1. The RateSupermarket.ca Award for Best Internet Presence TDMP.com

2. The Bridgewater Bank Award for Best Newcomer (Mortgage Brokerage Firm)

3. The Genworth Financial Award for Best Newcomer (Individual)
Greg Martel, Dominion Lending Centres, Victoria, BC

4. The TDMP.com Award for Best Branding
Dominion Lending Centres

5. The Canadian Real Estate Magazine Award for Employer of Choice

6. The Home Loans Canada Award for Best Community Service Effort
Bruce Coleman, Invis, Vancouver, BC

7. The Merix Financial Award for Best Customer Service from an Individual Office
Verico Premiere Mortgage Centre, Mississauga, ON

8. The Firstline Mortgages Award for Best Advertising

9. The National Bank Award for Lifetime Achievement
Dave Nichol

10. The Home Trust Award for Best Alternative Lending Mortgage Broker of the Year
Paul Bath, Centum Hewmac Mortgage Centre, Newmarket, ON

11. The MortgageBrokerNews.ca Award for Commercial Mortgage Broker of the Year
Dale Bilton, Mortgage Intelligence, Kitchener, ON

12. The CanadianMortgageTrends.com Award for Best Industry Service Provider
Genworth Financial Canada

13. The Solidifi Award for Best Lender Underwriter
Anne Warner, Scotia Mortgage Authority, Oxford Mills, ON

14. The Mortgage Centre Canada Award for Best Lender BDM
John Simmons, ING Direct Broker Team, Kitchener, ON

15. The AGF Trust Company Award for Mortgage Broker of the Year (Independent/Non Franchise)
Dave McNabb, Regional Mortgage Corporation, Red Deer, AB

16. The Macquarie Financial Award for Mortgage Broker of the Year (National Network)
Greg Williamson, Canada Mortgage Direct (Verico), Calgary, AB

17. The CMHC Award for Mortgage Brokerage of the Year (Independent/Non Franchise)
Monster Mortgage

18. The Scotia Mortgage Authority Award for Mortgage Brokerage of the Year (National Network)

  1. LOL ———, if you work for him you have to send EVERYTHING through him…so he gets the volume bonus and looks like a superstar. When in fact about 10% of the deals are actually his.
    [Edited by CMT: BrokerBC, Sincerely appreciate the comment but unsupported claims against individuals create potential problems for us.]

  2. BBC,
    This is the way most big broker teams work. There is one “submission broker” and multiple sub-agents. Doing this affords greater buying power to the broker’s customers–which is key in our era of lender “status” programs.

  3. Who is Brokerbc? If he or she would like to discuss this further, I am happy to chat about it. Please look me up at http://www.doa80.ca.
    There are many changes coming to the Canadian wholesale mortgage industry and as such it is important that all Mortgage Brokers and agents are aware of all models and what will be the most advantageous as lenders shift there focus.
    As a PS when i post comments to blogs I make sure people can see who I am. Wouldn’t want to be accused of hiding behind a nickname.
    – Greg Williamson

  4. Does anyone else think these awards are fixed? One sponsors an award, and then gives the award to their top producer, one sponsor is a proponent of a certain company and then gives the award to that company, and so and so on, clearly the fix is in on these awards. Which is fine, you sponsor something you can choose whoever to win, but don’t present it as a real award of substance, secondly–Peter Vukanovich–why is he in the CAAMP hall of fame–what has he done?

  5. When TDMP wins over this site there is something wrong. There is no way a site selling one product/service has a better internet presence than one which everyone in the industry comes to for information.

  6. Right on Greg W… Especially since half of the judges are not even in the mortgage broker industry! I could go on, but I need to stop as this is not the right forum. Congratulations to all the ‘winners’!

  7. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but please…. Lets not lose sight of the fact that this is about celebrating the best of the best of our industry. Sometimes we will not agree on the outcomes and many will be missed. The fact is it is important for us to recognize our industry leaders and hopefully encourage more to step up and shine. We have tremendous opportunity in our industry and the more leadership we have the better we will be.
    Hats off to all the nominees and winners.

  8. Michael,
    You could not be more right. The CMPs cultivate excellence and highlight some of the top mortgage professionals in the country. The judges, each of whom is very well-respected, really put a lot of time into sifting through all the nominees. It’s a great tradition that hopefully continues well into the future.

  9. It would be nice if the judges provided short written opinions to explain their picks. Some of these results don’t make sense.

  10. 12. The CanadianMortgageTrends.com Award for Best Industry Service Provider
    Genworth Financial Canada
    Rob, did the judges ask you who you wanted to win the award? It’s interesting that the company that received your reward, you also write about–stating how Genworth and AIG should receive the same treatment as CMHC? Seems fishy.

  11. Huh,
    I was waiting for a comment like that. :)
    The truth is, this was the last category left to sponsor. We signed up late.
    If I had any influence on the judges whatsoever, I would have used it to do better in the internet category. LOL.

  12. I cannot begin to understand why TDMP.com won for best internet presence. It is a big advertisement. What makes its presence better than any other broker site?

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